Some Streetbank Stories

Have you got a story? Email with what happened, how it made you feel and ideally a selfie of you, the thing and your neighbour.

Streetbank has been brilliant! So far I’ve had a fabulous and very helpful chat about marketing over a cup of tea. I had an efficient clutterbuster in my home giving me brill tips. And yesterday I chatted and laughed with a local lady who was a breath of fresh air. We had alot in common; and shared our story over a cup of tea. All of my experiences so far have been really insightful. Today I told one of my client’s about you because you have improved my sense of wellbeing, and I want to pass that onto others.

Rachel Caesar Friday 26 April 2013

When we moved to London my husband was really missing his garden, he had a lovely one in our old house but don’t have one in London, so we asked if anyone had any spare soil he could grown things in….. he now shares an allotment with a lady who was finding her whole allotment was getting too big to keep going alone, and my husband can grow his veg again…. 2 happy people!!

Tessa Saturday 23 February 2013

A request went out for help to clear an elderly lady's garden….. we were asked to turn up at a specific time and place. A whole team of people arrived, the garden was not very big and we had it weeded and clipped in no time….. so easy to make a difference to an elderly lady's life for no great effort on anyone's part!

Tessa Saturday 23 February 2013

Someone put out a request for a lap top to take to Singapore for a few months to use for e mails. My son had just got a new lap top and his old one still worked but was feeling it’s age. She borrowed it and I must confess I wondered if we would ever see it again…… oh me of little trust! sure enough a few months later I had a message to say she was back in the UK and would like to meet to give back the lap top….. it was returned safely plus a bunch of flowers….. and that is why I love Street Bank!!

Tessa Saturday 23 February 2013

Well, its worth a try, sooo, hello everyone out there, I live in Haddenham and am due to retire soon (!!! I am sure I am only 35 really!!!) and I am looking forward to some ‘me time’. One of the things I would like to do is to learn another language (besides the Yorkshire I speak already, that is :-) ) but I am not good at keeping up to things on my own. So it would be great to meet someone who would also like to learn another language and who could be an encouragement to me. I am most interested in Norwegian or Italian, but it doesn’t matter really. So, hopefully, I will be inundated with response and soon be bilingual . . . Yes! Karen Corkett

Karen Corkett Friday 1 February 2013

Hello, Streetbank is so fun. I had a great pair of Roller Blades that were well loved but given my very high center of gravity I felt it was time to move on to a new hobby. Instead of throwing them out I put them on Streetbank and sure enough, after a little while, a lovely guy called Scott requested them. Scott had an 8 year old daughter who loved roller-blading and he needed to get a pair so he could keep up with her. We had the same size feet so that was great and I think it will have made his daughters day to know that she can now go blading together with her Dad. Thank you Streetbank.

Joffy B Wednesday 5 December 2012

I have only recently discoved streetbank and I love it! I recently collected 20 jam jars from one of my neighbours, I can’t wait to get making my Christmas Chutney!

Nathalie Clarke Tuesday 27 November 2012

I was really pleased to discover Streetbank as it combines two things that excite me: Strengthening communities and caring for the environment. By sharing what we have with one another, we can reduce the amount of energy, water and raw materials used for manufacturing new things. It’s also a first step towards a society that’s not just oriented around buying and having more & more. Bring that together with meeting neighbours and saving money and you’ve got a fabulous idea!

Sam Partington Saturday 10 November 2012

A neigbour makes lemon butter for a craft stall every year. Last year our lemon trees were pruned resulting in hundreds of excess lemons. Streetbank created the connection to get our excess lemons into her lemon butter.

This year, due to last year’s pruning, we had a much smaller lemon crop. The neighbour put the call out via Streetbank for our lemons and we couldn’t provide directly, But through Streetbank and other social media we were able to source hundreds of lemons from "the next tier" of neighbours. These have now gone into the lemon butter and participants are receivng lemon butter recipes and lemon butter as "thank-yous" for their community activism.

Steetbank is catalysing broader and deeper layers of connection!

Adrian Pyle Thursday 11 October 2012

As a novice potter, I discovered that there are times when physical strength is needed and as I’ve got older. I do find certain things difficult – like mixing glazes. The sediment settles into a hard lump-like wet cement and requires regular stirring – so I looked for a stick mixer/blender for several months. I almost gave up when I spotted Marion’s offer and she very kindly delivered it to me. Hurray!! Thank you Marion. I will think of you every time I use it. Ann Rosenberg.

Ann Rosenberg Monday 8 October 2012

I’ve started a bookswap at Acton Central station and we are going through about 200 books a week.
Streetbank has come up with three or four lovely donors and I have met new people when going round to pick up bags of unwanted books.
First rule of book recycling is that every donation has at least one Dan Brown and at least one of either James Patterson or Joanna Trollope (but not both!)

So, fewer books are going to landfill and more are going into the hands of those interested in reading.

How good a result is that?

But I am starting to run low again so if any streeties near Acton have some unwanted books, just let me know.

Paperbacks, factual and children’s particularly appreciated …the latter being rather scarce.

Sara Nathan Friday 28 September 2012

We lost our dearly loved cat 6 months ago and although we weren’t sure as a family if we were ready to welcome another cat into our home, the familiar Streetbank email dropped into my inbox sharing the news that a rescue cat was in need of a new home. With a little hesitation I showed the email to my daughter who immediately insisted that we call and find out more. I spoke with a dear gentleman called Michael who lived in Fulham and had rescued the cat after it had been thrown from a second floor window. Fortunately "Tricksy" - as he’d called this lucky and sweet-natured cat - was still in reasonable shape if a little frightened. As soon as we met Tricksy we all knew that he would be a special replacement for our own cat, and Michael couldn’t have been more supportive even though we could see that he’d become just ever so attached to Tricksy. With a slight tear in his eye Michael bid farewell to Tricksy with the promise that he would come round and visit soon to see how all was going. We’re pleased to say that Tricksy has already settled in so well in our home and is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had the pleasure to cuddle. We are so relieved and delighted that all seems to have worked out – but for the connections that Streetbank created for us then Tricksy wouldn’t have found a new home and we wouldn’t have been able to thank a caring gentleman for taking a frightened cat in off the street. The world that is Fulham continues to get smaller. Thank you all.

Philip Woodford Thursday 20 September 2012

I contacted a lovely Italian girl who lives ten minutes away and we ended up doing an exchange of English lessons for her and she came to help me with cleaning the small flat I live in. It has been a very successful experience and I am sad she is now returning to Italy although I am glad for her as she is going to do a course there she really wants to. I am looking for another opportunity to exchange my skills and wide experience of teaching foreigners with another person who would like to improve their English and help my lovely clean flat to remain sparkling.

cristina donaldson Friday 6 July 2012

hi maire, it was lovely meeting up with you and your daughter yesterday. my grand-daughter commented on how pretty she was. the wine was a lovely surprise although you didn't need to. there are not many people who like german wine as they think it's too sweet but it is my favourite. look forward to meeting up again in the future. jan

janice ashby Wednesday 6 June 2012

Two or three months ago I asked if anyone had any knitting wool.
I knit squares to be made into blankets for AIDS orphans in Africa.
I received several bags of wool from other streeties, I have now used
it all and am asking if there is any more to be had. The organisation
is KasCare, there are members all over the world all knitting squares
Thanks for all the help in the past Yours Jean

jean hunt Friday 27 April 2012

I use Streetbank extensively. I was looking for some lego for my four-year old son and did a call out to my area. A neighbour I hadn't met before got in touch and ended up giving me three huge bucketfuls of lego! We had so much we ended up passing on half of it to my son's school. I love that - the idea of spreading things around your community to where it's going to be best used.

Kerryn Johnson Thursday 26 April 2012

I just moved to Shepherd's Bush and needed a ladder and some tools. At first I was like 'oh man, how much will that cost?' but then I logged on to Streetbank and not only are there loads of people in my area, but I now also have two new neighbour friends who I borrowed a hammer and a ladder from and am joining the friends of my local park due to meeting the hammer neighbour's wife who's part of it!

Caeli Wednesday 4 April 2012

I live at home with my parents on a beautiful street with wonderful trees and great neighbours. The sad part is I had lived here for about seven or eight months without getting to know any of them! Streetbank gave me the encouragement to get out there and spread some neighbourly love.

I went to every house on my block and met most of the neighbours, telling all of them about Streetbank [...] In an attempt to think outside the box, I added a "free mix CD" item. I absolutely love music and am constantly making mixes for my friends and family so I thought ‘why not the people in my community?’ Several classmates from Fresno State University have since requested mixes through SB and I deliver the CDs to them in class. Music is a great way to spread love in ones community...

J-Messy Tuesday 3 April 2012

Without Streetbank, I would have hoarded all my baby gear as opposed to meeting someone really nice and give it to a deserving home. Without Streetbank I might not have met the amazing neighbour who gave a knitting lessons to my child while we downed red wine and chatted, or met the neighbour who strung my daughter's guitar. I might not have the fab music centre that was fortuitously advertised the day mine died; or met the amazing Chrissy who gave my daughters a ton of brilliant books. I might not have had coffee with another really charming neighbour whilst experiencing pangs of Floor Envy (she has a great floor),

I think the thing that touched me most was the number of people who rustled up VCRs for me when in desperation I contacted Streetbank: My child with Autism fast-forwards and re-winds videos and when they break and we have no replacement ready and waiting she screams the house down. I have been really moved that so many people were quite so incredibly kind. Similarly when a pal was looking for some urgent advice on NHS dentists, and I posted a query, the response was fantastic. People bothered to reply. That's the thing. In a world that can be quite bleak Streetbank is quite an eye opener to the possibility that that many people have a kind and altruistic side to them. 

Maire Fordham Friday 8 April 2011

So I had a good Streetbank experience today that was quite fun…

I put a note up asking to borrow a fondue set for a dinner party and also asking for dolls clothes so that i can make a box frame/sculpture as a gift for a friend who’s having a new baby. By the end of the day I had two offers of fondue sets and two offers of dolls clothes! So today I went round to pick up the fondue set and got on really well with the lady who was loaning it. She said she uses Streetbank all the time. She also gave me some dolls clothes on the condition that I came round and did some craft making with her 8 year old daughter sometime. So I am going to go round and teach her daughter how to make box frames like the one I’m making!

I am excited about having my fondue dinner party with enough fondue sets for a long table full of people and about surprising my friend with a creative gift, but also I’m excited that I have made a connection with a family in my neighbourhood that I would never have met before!

Hilary Murdoch Friday 5 November 2010