Streetbank Flyers


We’ve got lots of useful stuff here to help you spread the Streetbank word – in all different formats to suit your printer.  

If you're just after some pointers for getting started - the Welcome document is the place to start.


Welcome to Streetbank 

A simple guide on how to get started 

Personalised Streetbank poster 

Tailor by editing the text and adding the name of your area

Streetbank neighbour invitation 

Personalise, print deliver

Streetbank flyer

Hand out to neighbours, post through local doors, take to work, social centres, schools and the like

Streetbank poster

For local cafes, shops, libraries, venues

Streetbank montage

A brilliant image that says it all.  Great for blogs, press, social media and making your own materials









Streetbank infographic 

The stats and facts are impressive.  Share this infographic on your website or in printed publications.  


Streetbank in a nutshell image 

People tell us this little image describes the Streetbank mission quite effectively.  Feel free to use this and any of our images to use your own resources!









Streetbank paperchain image 

Fancy running some Streetbank info on your website or printed materials?  This is the one for you.

Streetbank logo





If there's anything else that you need, we're happy to help.  Just drop Kate a line and she'll do her best to help.