Streetbank News

Help keep the spirit of community alive

We hope you are healthy and staying safe.
We’ve not sent out a message for a long time but wanted to remind you that Streetbank is still here as a way of connecting with your neighbours should you ever want it.
The pandemic has seen communities coming together like never before. In my street, we’ve kept each other in the loop about where it’s safe to exercise, we’ve written thank you notes for our rubbish collection men, we’ve kept an eye open for the elderly and, every week, we’ve shared that moment when we clap for carers.  

Streetbank is designed to make sharing easy. Above all it was designed to make lending, borrowing and giving things away seamless, and so when lockdown is eased for you it might be a good way of continuing that community spirit on your street.
In the meantime, thanks for your generosity in keeping the Streetbank fires burning.
Sam and the Streetbank Team