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The story of a humidifier, a box of chocolates and Turner the dog

We love hearing how you are using Streetbank to connect with your neighbours. So often it’s in a moment of need. For instance one Streetbank member, Laura from East London, had a boiler leak recently which left an unmistakable smell of damp. So she logged on to Streetbank to ask if her neighbours had a dehumidifier she could borrow for a couple of days. 

Her neighbour Ryan, who lives just two streets away, responded, "I've got one you can borrow, do you mind coming over to pick it up?" Laura popped over, used it for a week and the atmosphere in her flat was transformed.  

To say thanks, she gave Ryan and his wife a box of chocolates (Ryan ate them all) and met their adorable dog, Turner. Laura offered to take Turner for walks in Vicky Park and also find a wine for dogs she's (pretty) sure they serve in a nearby pub. Cheers to neighbours meeting through sharing on Streetbank!

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Sam and the Streebank Team

P.S. The Ecotricity Deal we mentioned a few weeks ago still stands: switch to Ecotricity and you'll get a £25 John Lewis voucher, plus they'll donate up to £50 to Streetbank (£25 for electricity and £25 for gas). You win, we win, the environment wins! Just call Ecotricity on 08000 302 302 and quote SB1 or visit