Streetbank News

A Huge Welcome to Leeds!

It has been another exciting couple of weeks. We want to welcome on board Leeds – you seem to be joining in droves! We’re not sure who is behind it but if it is you we salute you.

We were also excited by an invitation to meet with the guys at the Big Lunch. We went to meet them at their funky offices in Soho and to learn more and since then they have been plugging Streetbank on their Big Website. We want to return the favour as they’re all about the same things we’re about – neighbourliness and building community spirit.

What is the Big Lunch? It is a celebration of neighbourliness which will take place on Sunday 18th July when communities across the UK will join by eating lunch together, in the middle of their streets, around tower blocks and on patches of common ground. Last year around a million people took part in over 8000 lunches. It was the biggest set of street parties since the Golden Jubilee!

It’s a chance for different generations and backgrounds to listen to each other and share stories, skills and interests. The Big Lunch is part of the journey we want to take – to rebuild our communities. They call this phenomenon ‘human warming’. If you want to get involved in any way check out


Sam, Ryan and Nic