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Something exciting is happening in Brighton and Hove…

A group of residents and voluntary organisations have started an initiative called Know My Neighbour designed to do what it says on the tin – encourage neighbourliness for a happier, better connected city. It’s a brilliant idea that, with your help, will help tackle some of the tough realities of your city.

  • Census statistics show that the over 65’s comprise 13% of the city’s population of Brighton and Hove equating to 35,692 people, of which 11,556 are aged 80+. Most notably, 14,468 (41%) of over 65s are living in single person households which is a higher proportion than for the population of England and Wales as a whole (31%)
  • 65 per cent of Britons believe their neighbourhoods would be stronger if people were encouraged to get to know each other better
  • Two out of every five people in the UK say that TV is their main source of company

The initiative runs throughout the year and starting on 21st May and running throughout that week is Know your Neighbour week. Take a look at the programme of events here and see how you can get involved here.

At Streetbank we dream about real community and that’s just what everyone is trying to achieve. Hats off to you Brighton and Hove and everyone involved in the Know Your Neighbour initiative! We believe it will make a big difference.


Sam and the Streetbank Team