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A Big Change on Streetbank

Over the last couple of months the team here at Streetbank HQ have been working on a BIG CHANGE to Streetbank.

We’ve been asking what might help you be even more generous? How can we make sharing more fun, more addictive and so help neighbourhoods become more generous, happier, more, well, neighbourly…  

Some of the feedback we’ve had is that Streetbank doesn’t recognise people who’ve been doing great things – so we’ve given points – small numbers of points for being reliable – and bigger numbers of points for generosity.

And then we’ve totted them up.  You’ll be able to see the top five champions in your neighbourhood – and where you are coming too.

To see how you are faring in your neighbourhood click here and if you’d like to increase your points why not offer something, respond to your neighbours quickly or add a photo.

If you have any comments you can let us know here

Sam and the Streetbank Team

P.S. Big thank you to the absolute champions - Paul in Hastings with 548 points, Malc and Lynda in Manchester with 410 points and Janice in Hammersmith with 360 points