Streetbank News

Community makes you richer (part 1)

At the Streetbank party we challenged you to tell us your best stories about community. We loved the story of a neighbour who rescued three young ladies from a mouse. We thought this was quite noble though it didn’t seem such a hardship to us. We loved Ann’s story about putting up posters for a lost kitten. We loved John’s story about rescuing a neighbour on Christmas day from an unwelcome (and rather drunk) visitor.

In the end, though, the prize of a Higgidy Pie Pack goes to Sarah from Fulham. Sarah had lived in her flat for years and didn’t know her neighbours until the her boiler broke. Rather than getting smelly she visited her neighbours on all sides of her for showers and when the landlord finally fixed it a year later she had four new friends. Now they take turns in looking after the cats, feeding the fish, talking across the fence and they recently even rescued Sarah when she trapped her hand in the freezer.

Keep telling us your stories and thanks for another week of bumper growth!

Sam, Ryan and Nic