Noticias de Streetbank

Basketball & Sharing Spaces

We heard a story this week about a group of inner city kids from Washington DC who went on a day trip. As they were sitting in the minibus, driving through an affluent suburb area they were in awe - ‘Wow!’ they said, ‘Every house has its own basketball court!’ they paused... ‘Hey, how come nobody’s playing on them?’ At that the penny dropped and they realised that some spaces are simply best when they’re shared.

Do you have a space that could be used creatively? Maybe you have a garden that would love some attention, or own a room that could be used for art classes or cookery school - what about offering it up on Streetbank? Streetbank’s full of talented, community minded people who are willing to share their skills with their neighbours – it’s a world of opportunity right on your doorstep.


Sam and the Streetbank team.