Noticias de Streetbank

Fixing Streetbank

Dear Streeties,

A few weeks ago we sent an urgent message to you all about junking - a huge thank you to all of you who rescued our emails from your junk folders. This has made a big difference and consequently Streetbank is on the mend.

Please let us know if you think we’re still getting junked and in the meantime here are a few tricks to help solve this:

  1. Have a look in your junk folder. Are there emails from Streetbank in there? If yes, please mark them as 'Not Spam' straight away and make sure they’re moved to your inbox. (In Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail there are buttons to do this at the top of the page.)
  2. If you’re using Outlook please also right click on any message from us, scroll to ‘Junk Email’ and then select 'Add Sender’s domain to Safe Senders list'. Please make sure there aren’t any messages from us left in your Junk folder as this will make the email police think we are something bad.
  3. Add, and to your contacts.
  4. Finally when you do get an email from us, click through and have a look at the site. There’s often something fun going on there so we’ll keep a clear link on each of the emails we send to you.

Thank you for your help.


Sam and the streetbank team.