Streetbank News

Big Week!

It’s been a Big Week what with an erupting volcano and the second leadership debate. It has also been a Big Week at Streetbank. You have got a whole load busier – we’ve seen sandpits, table tennis tables and laptops going up and being collected.  It seems like loads of you have been telling your friends. We grew by 130 households last week – twice as many as our next biggest week!
So thanks a million for getting the word out – it all makes for more new things and new talents (and you are a talented lot – we liked help with sociology A level best of all). The press are cottoning on too – we had coverage in the Hammersmith and Fulham News and The Church Times. In fact, if you know of anyone at your local newspaper and you want to give them a friendly prod about Streetbank, please don’t hold back!
Big thanks
Sam, Ryan and Nic