Noticias de Streetbank

A lovely bit of chitter chatter

As this summer has unfolded we’ve seen a flurry of activity on Streetbank Community Notice boards across the nation. With requests for gazebos, invites to community markets and pleas for gardening guru’s to tend allotments it seems that many of you are keen to seize the day, get outside and enjoy the sunshine (albeit a intermittent...).

The Community Notices ( are a great way to strike up conversation with other members of your community. Streeties are helping each other out, offering names of great local decorators, accountants and plumbers as well as alerting each other to all sorts of activities and issues of concern in local areas. We mention this to encourage you to carry on posting notices andeven to do it more because if you think about it, conversation is the start of community.

Have a look below to see if anything new has been added in your area.


Sam and the Streetbank team.