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Honey Bees and Helping


This week we’ve been especially enjoying all the offers of help added to Streetbank. Try checking below - it may be that you are in the same area as someone offering ukulele lessons, help with the removal of bee swarms(!) and even someone willing to come to the rescue in a last minute cooking crisis...

We’re noticing, that most of the activity on Streetbank takes place in areas with lots of other Streeties. There is a critical mass, a tipping point at which Streetbank starts making a difference in a neighbourhood. So, to address this, we’re in the process of putting together a pack of how to get Streetbank going in your area. We’ll let you know when it’s done in a couple of weeks time but if you have ideas about how to spread Streetbank and get it to that tipping point you can let us know at - thanks for your help!

Many thanks,

Sam and the Streetbank Team