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Streetbank Party - Pies, Cakes and Tomato Plants

Thanks so much to those of you who were able to join in with the Streetbank Launch Party last Thursday. Over 150 of you participated in an evening of Higgidy Pie eating, skill swapping, unicycling, giving and receiving, tie colouring and little cupcakes.

Items that were brought included baby tomato plants, childrens toys, lots of clothes, CDs, DVDs, books, and an actual unicycle. Sam took home an ironing board cover. “It was just what I wanted” he was later heard to remark.

The winners of the tie colouring competition will be announced shortly. In the mean time, if you’d like to tell your nearby friends about Streetbank (and we’d love you to) we’ve copied some blurb below that you could use.

Thanks for everything

Sam, Ryan and Nic


I’ve just joined a website called and would love you to join it too. It shows you what your neighbours will give away or lend. It gives you access to a whole load of stuff, it’s good for the environment, saves you money and builds community all in one go. It is totally free to join though to become a member you have to show that you are a little bit community spirited by offering one thing you would be willing to lend or give away. This can be a really low value item like a DVD or a guidebook, or it can be higher value like an old TV you want to get rid of.

I’ve joined and it would be great if you could too! If you like it, feel free to tell other people about it….”