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New Beginnings!

So the sun shone and the streets partied this weekend as the people of Britain came together to celebrate Will & Kate’s big day. We’ve heard of streets lined with flags and bunting, trestle tables to seat hundreds and steel bands to dance the afternoon away.

With spring now in full swing we feel it’s a good time to look forward to new beginnings, new friendships which have blossomed through the celebrations at the weekend and we at Streetbank have a new beginning of our very own... in the form of our newest team member, Alice! Alice has joined to help us look after the Streetbank community, so feel free to write in with your questions, requests, ideas or just to say hi (she’d love that!) at

We would also love your help - we would love to build on the community spirit in your neighbourhood by inviting more people to join Streetbank. If you have made friends with your neighbours over the weekend and now have their email addresses, or were involved in organising a street party and had to email lots of locals, we would be really grateful if you could send the message below (or something similar). It should help to keep the community spirit bubbling in your area.


Big thanks,


Sam and the Streetbank team


“I would love your help. I’m a member of a useful website called which shows you what your neighbours will give away or lend. It struck me as good way to build on the sense of community that was released in our neighbourhood by the Royal Wedding Party and would be really grateful if you could join. As well as building community, it gives you access to a whole load of stuff, is good for the environment and saves you money. It is free to join,though to become a member you have to show that you are a little bit community spirited by offering one thing you would be willing to lend or give away. It can be low value items like DVDs, a guidebook or it can be higher value like an old TV you want to get rid of.

I’ve joined and it would be great if you could too! If you like itfeel free to tell other local friends about it.

It is at”