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Roll out the Bunting

The weather forecast here in London is sunshine for the next ten days – promising a glorious Easter and hopefully a magical Royal Wedding. These two events will be bringing communities together across the UK. We think neighbours will be more open, less puzzled by a cheery smile, more disarmed by a comment about the unseasonally warm weather or an exclamation of “Happy Easter!” So if you are passing a neighbour in the street why not take the opportunity to say “hello” or if you haven’t met them before introduce yourself – we think this is the season when you’ll get the warmest response. Let us know how you get on by logging on to the “Roll out the Bunting” blog on the home page.

Separately, a number of people have written to us suggesting we allow people to make requests  - to ask their neighbours for items that aren’t listed on the site but which their neighbours might have. We do allow people to make requests – in fact we really encourage it! You can make a request by logging in and clicking on the notices tab. In fact you can make a request for anything you like –  a gazebo, bunting, trestle tables etc! – or announce an event and you can choose to send this request to everyone within 250 yards, 500 yards, 1000 yards or a mile.

We hope you have a very good break at this special time.


Sam and the Streetbank Team