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Real Bread Maker Week - The Rise of the Machines


A week or two ago we were called by Sarah who is involved in organising “Real Bread Maker Week – The Rise of the Machines” a title so compelling that we are delighted to publicise it! Apparently 36% of bread machines hardly ever get used, so from 9th – 15th May, the Real Bread Campaign is calling on people to dig them out and bake Real Bread in the most unusual places they can.

We are being invited to rummage round our kitchen cupboard, dust off that idling electric baker, and plug it in somewhere we usually wouldn’t. Anyone posting a picture of themselves in action in an unusual location on the Campaign’s Facebook page by 13th May stands the chance of winning a great prize. It is about having fun, whist taking back control of the food we eat. And they make it clear that it isn’t about selling more gadgets – there are estimated to be 10 million lurking out there already and the Real Bread Campaign is helpfully encouraging people to take the opportunity to pick up or pass on unwanted bread machines in person or online.

We thoroughly approve of all this – if you would like to read more check out

Finally, Streetbank had a good write up in the May edition of “Wired”, the ideas magazine which described us as a hyperlocal bank for borrowing and sharing skills with the aim of bringing communities together. Thanks to Rachel B for including us in her article!


Sam and the Streetbank team