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Spring Clean

We've been watching what has been added to Streetbank over the last couple of weeks and have been wondering whether one or two streetbees have been having a Spring Clean. We've seen exercise bikes, 30 by 30 terracotta tiles and a pair of size 7 Clarks Buggles Sandals added amongst much else. Now that Spring has firmly taken hold now might be a good moment to work through an overflowing cupboard or shelf. If so, please don't throw it, Streetbank it! What is no longer of value to you may well be of value to someone else. 

On a similar Spring Clean note, if an item that you listed on Streetbank has since been collected or is no longer available please make sure you delete it from Streetbank. To do this go to the profile tab, click the item and click delete. 

Finally, our favourite additions this week are "how to tie a bow tie", "researching your family tree" and "hebrew writing, reading and speaking"".  

Many thanks,