Noticias de Streetbank

The Creative Community - Juggling, Singing and Curtain Making

We’ve been looking into how people use Streetbank. We’ve been surprised  – we found that the most popular requests are for items that are being given away (47%), then for offers of help (32%) and then borrowable items (21%). We are not surprised so much by the number of requests for items that are given away – it is great to get something for free as you don’t have to worry about damaging it or return it. But, we are surprised by how popular skills are. In fact this week, most of the requests were for offers of help. These included requests for lessons in juggling, circus skills, poi spinning (the streamer things you see people dancing with in parks), crocheting, singing and help with curtain making. But Streetbees are still lending regularly - in fact our favourite event this week was the Streebee who has offered to lend their south facing garden for vegetable growing. I’m pleased to say this offer has been quickly snapped up.  


Sam and the Streetbank team