Streetbank Nieuws

Chocolate Fountain, Cameras and not being a Bank!

This week we have been really grateful to Rosemary who has featured Streetbank in her residents association newsletter. She described Streetbank as “really local recycling” and had given away an old camera and received from other neighbours some wood and a chocolate fountain. If you send or receive a local newsletter/parish magazine and can get Streetbank featured it is a great way to get Streetbank flying in your area.  If you can help, drop Sam a line at and he will be pleased to send some suggested text.

Meanwhile, we are now well on the path to charity status so that we can get funding, give Streebank more attention and make it even better. Interestingly, this has been held up by the Financial Services Authority who are concerned that we have “bank” in our name and might be offering financial services!

 Have a great week.

 Sam, Ryan, Nic and Cath