Noticias de Streetbank

Big new milestone - 10,000th offer!

This week we reached another milestone as the 10,000th offer was made over streetbank. You might be interested to hear that it was a DVD of Slumdog Millionaire, which won Best Picture in 2009, and which seemed to us appropriate given that it is “Oscar Season”. We're also now up to 6,500 and growing every day. This means that the average Streetbank member offers their neighbours 1.53 things  - if you haven’t added a new thing for a while or you’ve given away something but not updated Streetbank this is a little nudge!

 One quick final thing – we are having a debate as to how we should refer to everyone on streetbank – streetbank member (does what it says on the tin but in our view is a bit bland) streetbanker (pithy but not popular with everyone) or streetbee (nice link to collaboration but possibly twee) or something completely different.  Let us know at catherine@streetbank.comand we’ll decide to stick with one, once and for all.


 Sam, Ryan, Nic and Cath