Streetbank Nieuws

Collaborative Consumption

Earlier this week Sam attended a conference on “collaborative consumption” – the idea that we can live better lives if we share our things and our time. It looked at some of the most interesting new examples of this – which allows you to rent your car to your neighbour, which allows you to rent a room in your house to a visitor and where you can be paid to run an errand for your neighbour. The big of question of the day was around trust. How does it develop? Two points emerged – that once people had tried trusting once, they were much more inclined to trust again.. and again and again. The second is the importance of leaving feedback. Many of the websites have developed sophisticated ebay feedback systems. We haven’t yet but plan to develop this area a bit. In the meantime, if you have interacted with anyone on Streetbank it makes a big difference if you leave feedback on their page afterwards – the streetbank system is very basic but your endorsement helps to build a picture of who other members are.


Sam, Ryan, Nic  and Cath