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Collaborative Consumption

If you woke up this morning feeling glum about the depressing economic growth (contraction) figures of yesterday it is worth checking out Rachel Botsman’s thought provoking/provocative TED talk here. She argues that we are moving to a new economic model – away from “hyper consumption” to “collaborative consumption” where we will no longer choose to own but instead to hire or share. She provides numerous examples including zipcar, bagborroworsteal... and we could swear she mentioned Streetbank. This is all driven by tough economic conditions, environmental concerns, a renewed belief in the importance of community and emerging technology  – as she puts it “wiring the world to share”. You can hear her speak on 2 February at the RSA or the 9 February at the British Library.

Some of you have commented that you don’t always get a response to a message you have sent through the system. We suspect this is not laziness on the part of the recipient – the streetbank community is highly reliable! – but many messages are getting junked. If everyone could make an effort to add streetbank ot their address list or safe sender list (it is slightly different depending on your email system) we will be grateful.


 Sam, Ryan, Nic and Cath

P.S.  Two Streetbank experiences from Sam - on Elizabeth's advice he darned his well loved jumpers using the amazing substance Woolfiller and he returned the pantomime standard tutu to Graham - ideal for the stag!