Streetbank News

Bookbinding, needlework and charity status

We never stop being amazed at the sheer variety of things and skills that are added to Streetbank. This week included a Mamas and Papas White Cot, Bookbinding and Terry Wogan’s Autobiography.

You will remember that last week as part of Sam new year’s resolution to get more practical he asked for help sewing on buttons and darning the elbows of his jumper. Help has come from two different places. Lucy kindly gave Sam a lesson in button sewing – more of a fiddle than he realised but gratifying to do, satisfying to learn something new and the outcome meant that two stalwart items of his wardrobe were given a new lease of life. Lizzie messaged him to introduce him to an amazing substance from Holland called Woolfiller which doesn’t require to any stitching at all.  It is on order and Sam is looking forward to returning his favourite stripey grey jumper very soon!

On a more administrative note we’re looking for a solicitor who can help us get charity status. If you are willing to help us get through this process do let Sam know at


Sam, Ryan, Nic and Cath