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A Top Five

We're often asked what are the most popular things/skills that people request on Streetbank. This week we've had a go at answering that question and we are a bit stumped. How do you categorise swiss balls, bike carriers or lessons in paper aeroplane making? About half of the messages that are sent are a request for something, well, a bit wierd. The other half are easier to categorise so here is, in no particular order and without being scientific, our top five:

1/ DVDs - usually for borrowing and usually a box set  - The Wire/24/Friends. 

2/ Language lessons - Spanish nudging French as the most popular.

3/ Old but still working electric things - hoovers, printers, tvs

4/ Dog walking - good for the owner, for the dog and for the walker - win, win, win!

5/ Breadmaker - definitely worth taking a look at Streetbank before you ask for one as your main Christmas present!


Sam, Ryan, Nic and Cath