Streetbank News

Asparagus, guinea pigs and honeymoons

There is much to update you on this week!

Perhaps the best thing for us was a wonderful email from Maire from Fulham who told us what a difference Streetbank had made to her. This is what she writes:

"Without Streetbank, I would have hoarded all my baby gear as opposed to meeting someone really nice who passed on to a deserving home. Without Streetbank I might not have met the amazing neighbour who gave a knitting lessons to my child while we downed red wine and chatted, or met the neighbour who strung my daughter's guitar after my child with special educational needs had bitten through all the strings; or for that matter made contact with other neighbours who volunteered to do the same thing. I might not have the fab music centre that was fortuitously advertised the day mine died; or met the amazing Chrissy who gave my daughters a ton of brilliant books. I might not have had coffee with another really charming neighbour whilst experiencing pangs of Floor Envy (she has a great floor), I think the thing that touched me most was the number of people who rustled up VCRs for me when in desperation I contacted Streetbank: My child with Autism fast-forwards and re-winds videos and when they break and we have no replacement ready and waiting she screams the house down. I was really moved that so many people were quite so incredibly kind. Similarly when a pal was looking for some urgent advice on NHS dentists, and I posted a query, the response was fantastic. People bothered to reply. That's the thing. In a world that can be quite bleak Streetbank is quite an eye opener to the possibility that many people have a kind and altruistic side to them."

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In other news our favourite items added are an asparagus steamer offered by Deborah, a guinea pig hutch from Louisa and advice on honeymoons and overseas weddings from Marisa. And we've grown by another 200 people so we now have 5,302 members - thanks to those of you who have been flyering/facebooking/emailing your neighbours!

Big thanks,

Sam, Ryan, Nic and Cath