Streetbank News

Did we make it?!

A big apology to those of you who didn't receive the newsletter last week. It was a complicated techy thing that is sorted now... So you might remember that two weeks ago we set the goal of 5,000 members in the week and you might be asking yourself, did we make it!?  You'll be pleased to hear we now have 5,100 members though we have had an extra week to get there (last Wednesday we were at 4,988 members so darn close).

If you would like some flyers or car windscreen stickers to grow Streetbank in your area you can email cath a one liner saying how many of each at

The most interesting item offered this week is "Gandalf". Sadly this isn't Ian McKellen himself but according to Liz is "a full size card board cut out, a bit bashed up but loads of fun and a talking point".

Thanks Liz and thanks to you all,

Sam, Ryan, Nic and Cath