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Correction - The Facebook Challenge

Apologies – for many of you the link to connect with facebook did not work – thanks for trying but we would be really grateful if you could try again by clicking here - it will make a huge difference!

As we explained yesterday what this means is that whenever you add an item to Streetbank it will automatically get posted on your Facebook Wall. This will really help us get word out about Streetbank and the more people know about Streetbank, the bigger and more vibrant Streetbank will become and the more things and skills you and your fellow Streetbankers will enjoy.

104 of you have already done it and we have seen a big difference to numbers - we have grown by more than 250 people this week so that there are now 4743 of us. Would be great to break 5,000 this week....! We will let you know if we do in the next newsletter.


Sam, Ryan, Nic and Cath