Streetbank News

A Plug from Higgidy Pies

The big news this week is that Streetbank is being featured on the side of special boxes of Higgidy Pies.  Higgidy is a baker and maker of the finest hand made pies and they have just developed an extra big pie "for sharing". The guys at Higgidy thinking that Streetbank is all about sharing and fitted the pie for sharing theme decided to pop a short story about us on the side of some of their boxes. So we are getting a bit of a plug.  You can pick up a Higgidy Pie at most Sainsbury's and you can read more about Higgidy here

Hero of the week is Louisa who is not just offering dog walking but is actively advertising her offer of help by circulating it through "requests etc". We think that is rather generous.


Sam, Ryan, Nic and Cath