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A Quick Favour

Apparently 75% of British people think that helping others is key to happiness. As a streetbanker we are pretty sure you will be in the 75% but if you would like to read more about how life is more than just getting rich you can read more in the report "Wholly Living" at

A quick favour - we would be grateful if you check if you have been specific with the things that you are  offering on Streetbank. We are seeing that things that are actually picked up or borrowed have specific titles. For instance "two man ikea ektorp sofa" will generate a perfect image and is much more likely to be picked up than plain old "sofa". So if you are someone who has generously said "all my DVDs" if you could go back and just put the name of one or two up you'll find that that is miles more helpful to your fellow streetbankers.

Elsewhere, we've added some "Guidelines" on how to use Streetbank and stay safe. They are just common sense with a twist of generosity and grace but you'll find them in the blue panel under "Guidelines" at the bottom of each website page.


Sam, Ryan, Nic and Cath