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Streetbank Newsletter

We want to say thanks! Thanks for joining us in this little initiative to make our community a better place. Getting on board at the start, we think, makes you a community pioneer!

Charlie and his new coffee maker

Thanks also for all that you are sharing. It is leading to some great stories. In the last few weeks pecan pies have been created, Marc Jacob perfume (bit nice) has been donated, flared trousers have been sported. And none of this would have happened without you (or at least you and your fellow Streetbees*). To take another example Fi and Charlie were moving out of their flat in Fulham, so decided to give away a PlayStation 3. Don’t turn Charlie into a hero though. He was quick enough off the mark to pick up this rather nice coffee maker for his new flat.

Requests etc

Finally we would love it if you could check out the new “Requests etc” tab. It allows you to send a message to everyone in your area. So it’s not all just give, give, give. Now you can make requests too – for things, help or information or you can use it to publicise an event or salute a local business or tradesman. We know it is not very British, all of this requesting or saluting, but we think that this is trumped by that other great British tradition – getting to know your neighbours.


Sam, Ryan and Nic

*A streetbee is what we call members of streetbank. That’s right, bees not bankers. We like bankers but bees are famous for cooperation so we settled on bees.