Streetbank News

An attitude of gratitude

More fun things have been added this week - thanks Patricia for putting up a flatscreen TV. Our favourite though are cooking apples added by Hilary. Thanks Hilary.

When we explain Streetbank to friends they often think of it as a swapping site. A place of I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine. So when we say actually it is really about no strings attached help , they look surprised but usually say something along the lines of “so let me get this right, all you get is a warm feeling inside.... hmmm... I’m not sure it will work but that is nice”.  Generally, though we hear that the receiver of the help is grateful and just occasionally does something grateful in response. Like Sophie from Fulham. Sophie through Streetbank picked up a box of empty jam jars from Elizabeth, made some jam and as a thank you dropped off a jam jar full of delicious strawberry jam on her doorstep. 

Do you have any stories through Streetbank or otherwise of gratefulness?  If so let us know at the blog on the front page.


Sam, Ryan and Nic

P.S. We now have car windscreen stickers so let us know if you want some, how many and your address to and we'll send some across in the post.