Streetbank News

A Tipping Point, Facebook Fans and Turkey

So what's news?

Streetbank seems to have hit a bit of a tipping point. It took us 4 months to reach our first 1,000 members, 3 months to reach 2,000 and just two and a half weeks to get to 3,000. 

We've been enjoying your comments on the Facebook Streetbank fan page - thank you so much for them. You can find these at!/streetbank?ref=ts .   If you had 30 seconds to become a "fan" too and post a comment that would be super helpful as it will get word spread around facebook.

We've also been excited to see new communities emerging in Vermont, USA, Cape Town, South Africa and in Turkey. Which makes us say Hello! Sanibonani! and Merhaba!


Sam, Ryan and Nic