Streetbank News

Hotting up


You may have noticed that things have hotted up at Streetbank over the last week or so. The main reason was a recommendation by The Daily Candy, the London newsletter that keeps you in touch with the very latest in living well. So hello Daily Candy readers - thanks to the 500 or so of you that have joined!

If you know of other email newsletters that you think might be open to featuring something on Streetbank let us know at

In the meantime, look out for us in two weeks time in the Big Issue and next month’s edition of Yoga Today and if you happen to know David Cameron, do put in a good word for us. Without wanting to get too poltical we're fans of the spirit of the Big Society and have a suspicion that Streetbank fits in with what the Government is trying to do.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season and if you aren’t sunning yourself in Bognor or Barbados, you are finding time to enjoy the pleasures of your own neighbourhood.

Have a happy week.

Sam, Ryan and Nic