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Tidying up and "staycations"


We’ve just been doing a bit of a survey and found that 86% of requests for a thing or a skill get a response. Thanks for being so community spirited! Admittedly you don’t always get a “yes” but that is mainly because the generous person who has put up the item has not taken it down when it has been given away. If you are one of these generous people now is a good moment to tidy up! (Click on the “profile” tab and then open the item to delete it).

If you are one of the millions who have opted for a “staycation” and are looking for something rewarding to do we can’t recommend saying hello to your neighbours more highly. There is a bunch of research that says we’re happier when we are connected to our neighbours and resolve disputes more quickly. If you wanted to use Streetbank as a reason to knock, you can download a flyer from the “Grow” tab or we can send you some glossy ones if you fire us your address to

Have a happy week.

Sam, Ryan and Nic