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An antidote to Christmas consumer madness

Last year, my colleague, Kate was inspired by a documentary called My Stuff to give away one of her possessions every day in the run up to Christmas. She wanted to rethink the relationship she had with her things.

The Streetbank challenge: 7 things, 7 days

Global Sharing Week is the world's largest people-driven campaign to raise awareness of the rapidly growing Sharing Economy. It’s an opportunity for organisations like ours and lovely people like you, to shout about what we’re doing to be more resourceful - and all the weird and wonderful things that we’re sharing!

Can’t decide who to vote for? Here’s a thought to help you decide…

I’ve spent the morning reading the three main parties plans as I wanted to know how they expect to strengthen communities.

A Streetbank Live first!

Streetbank is being used by thousands of people in over 80 countries worldwide.  Everyday people are meeting to part with something they no longer need or to get hold of something they do – as well as to lend a neighbourly hand with things like dog-walking and DIY.  But in some areas, Streetbank is yet to take off.

A day of toys, vintage clothes, garden veg and jam

I caught my first smell of barbeque yesterday as I cycled home. It sparked a sense of excitement. Summer is near!

Streetbank and Streetclub join forces

Streetbank and Streetclub join forces to become the ‘go-to’ for neighbourhood sharing

Giving up power to create change

This Saturday at 8.30pm local time it’s Earth Hour. 7,000 cities around the world will be switching off the lights that light up their most iconic buildings. 

A metro or a polo?

Do you fancy a challenge? One that might disturb your sense that you are just fine as you are…?

…if so, read on.

Introducing Streetbank Live!

This time last year, our friends Taz and Anna from the Nehemiah Foundation felt that many communities around the country, including their own, seemed to have lost their community spirit. They felt it was time to break down those barriers and create a bright, caring and sharing community for the benefit of all.

Short of cash - but not of Shortbread!

Our friend Taz from the Nehemiah Foundation called us from Burnley with a lovely story the other day. Taz has been promoting Streetbank in her neighbourhood and was excited because good things had started happening.

The Wisdom of Solomon

I’ve just been offering a fondue set to my neighbours on Streetbank.

I wasn’t sure it would be to everyone’s liking but I quickly had four requests  - and that leaves me with a dilemma. 

Maya shares all...

The benefits of using Streetbank are not always expected. You might anticipate that you’ll save a few quid by picking up an unwanted microwave, or that you’ll feel good knowing that you prevented it going to landfill…. But there are sometimes other unexpected consequences.