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Say NO to junking

Dear Streeties,

We occasionally have reports about the ‘junking’ of Streetbank emails and we really need your help to change this. The messaging system is the lifeblood of Streetbank, it’s what links Streeties together and it's what makes Streetbank work.

If you can do the following 4 things it will make a big difference.

The January Sales Right Up Your Street

Streetbank gives consumers easy access to essential household items

As British Shoppers set new records at the sales spending £4.3bn in just two days, savvy consumers are looking for new ways to shop.

With the recession starting to hit households hard, heading to the high street to pick up household items that might only get used a few times is no longer a sensible or sustainable option for many consumers.

All change please!


If you are feeling disoriented please accept our apologies! Streetbank has a new homepage! So what have we changed? In short a lot. We’ve created a mini profile so you can add items and a photo more easily, we’ve made it easier to see what your neighbours have been adding and beefed up the neighbourhood notices. 


Do you like the changes? Or will this prove to be as controversial as the new look facebook (admittedly on a slightly smaller scale)....? 




Sam and the Streetbank Team 

Top 5 Community Tips


1. Smile and do kind things for strangers.

Whether you open doors for people, or offer your seat to someone, research shows that you’re likely to get an even bigger kick out of it than the person who’s now in your seat. Remarkable. What’s more, random acts of kindness are contagious which means they should make your community a nicer place to live in.

Three quick questions

We are always thinking of how to improve Streetbank and we would really value your views on three things:

1/ In the weekly newsletter how do you think we should refer to a member of the streetbank community - streetbee, streetbanker, streetbank member or something totally different?

2/ We recently changed the weekly newsletter to show every new notices and things that has been added over the last two weeks so that everything gets two showings. Do you think that the weekly newsletters should show one week or two weeks of news?

3/ What one thing would you add to Streetbank to make it better?

Big thanks,

Sam (posted 18th February)

Streetbank just got bigger

A few weeks ago we said we would make a change that would enable you to widen your Streetbank Community. You can now do this  - just click on the "change your radius" link at the top of the page and you will be able to increase from 1 mile to 5 miles or even 10 miles. You will only be able to see other people who have also made this change so its possible, if you are the first in your area to do it, that it won't make any difference - at least not at first.... but give it a few weeks and as others cotton on you should see your community increasing at a much faster rate which means more skills and things. We would suggest you only do this if you are in an area where there are not many (less than 50 people) in your square mile or if you are feeling very sociable. We say this as we think community works best at the most local level!