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Tell us your Streetbank story!

Tell us the difference that Streetbank has made to you! It would mean a lot to us to hear – and it can be tiny – perhaps something useful that a neighbour has given you – or it can be big, like a friendship that you have made.

These stories can be short and very simple. But as we close, we'd just love a few stories that will remind us of the difference that Streetbank has made - and point to the fact that neighbours can be surprisingly good! 


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op ⏎ 23 2020 Maher Ahmed zei:

I discovered that this beautiful site is greater than Twitter and Facebook which are outdated and do not deserve attention in them now we are always trying to update in social networks – it really is a very great opportunity to find my neighbors in this giant network really thank you

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op ⏎ 11 2020 Max Glaskin zei:

Anyone else having problems replying to requests? My replies aren’t being received and I get a message saying I’m “not authorised” the webpage, even though I’m logged in.

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op - 26 2019 Tim Swift zei:

If anyone needs a good honest handyman call 405-800-4840

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op 1 2018 Gillian Clark zei:

Mm just got an email from streetbank saying I hadn’t visited for a long time so doesn’t look like it has shut down

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op - 6 2018 Lucas Amengual zei:

I joined not long time ago, and I couldn’t have any experience throw streetbank, but I really love the idea and I would like to know if it is true that Streetbank shot down, such a pity if it true… And if it the case, may I ask why did you close? I mean, if it is because you needed some funds although all the gift economy concept, I wouldn’t mind to help such a brilliant idea and I am sure more people wouldn’t mind neither

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op - 2 2018 Oeff Oeff Juergen Wagner zei:

Together with my group of alternative activists I planned to begin in 2018 to integrate Streetbank into our actions, more and more… Hm…

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op - 2 2018 Oeff Oeff Juergen Wagner zei:

I am “Öff Öff”, a “lifestyle gift economist” for 26 years now… ( )
I got the hint to go to streetbank from the freeconomist-movement…
Instead of closing streetbank I would recommend to look for fusion-possibilities, for example connecting with the transition-streets-conception of the transition-movement…
Websites like streetbank are very needed by the situation of our world…
Always open for contact…
Öff Öff (aka Jürgen Wagner)

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op J 27 2017 Maureen ERDWIN zei:

Today, 27th December 2017, after a very long break of hearing nothing, I get email sent to me from what I was told was closed Streetbank!
I like others here need to know, please someone speak up.

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op 16 2017 Marianne Tissandier zei:

I’ve just joined, only to read posts about Streetbank closing. Would love some clarification on this, before embarking on local promotion and setting up links on our local sustainability charity website. It’s such a wonderful idea – really hope the closing is just a false rumour.

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op ⏎ 23 2017 dolores fitchie zei:

Some folks here seem to think this is fake news. But since whoever runs Streetbank is not saying either yeah or nay … we’re all in the dark.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr………. :-(

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op ⏎ 4 2017 Marie Barenskie zei:

If Streetbank is closing how come I still get emails from them?

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op - 14 2017 Ramona M. zei:

I was so sorry to read Sam’s letter saying Streetbank will be closing. It is such a beautiful, awesome and simple idea, that has spread across the globe. I live in Los Angeles, and Streetbank was started somewhere in England. I met some very nice people, that live really close by, that I probably never would have met, except thru Streetbank. You took the very human, beautiful and simple impulse to connect and share with others, in a spirit of open kindness, and gave people a place on which to do that; and challenged the idea that “neighbors” are bothersome, lol. :) You have started something beautiful, and made a rocking contribution to a much more friendly world! I am so sad to see Streetbank close, but to everyone who loves Streetbank, there is a new site, which will be launching soon, that may take the Streetbank vision to a new level. It is The Freeworlder sharing network: , based on the principals in the Freeworld Charter:

Dear Streetbank, thank you for all you have done. Your Spirit is wholesome and lovely. The team that started you must be, too. I am sure that the love and generosity you have shared and fostered will live on, if only in a different form. I will miss you!!

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op 24 2017 Mali Mali zei:

Streetbank must not be closing ,it is a brilliant ideathat shows how helpful and kind people are.

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op 13 2017 Min C zei:


Is anyone reading this from the organisation? I posted some comments/questions here on 8 May in response to your post but have not had a response yet? What is going on please?


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op 8 2017 Min C zei:

Have I missed something? I have just joined. Are you saying Streetbank is closing? This notice should be at the top of the page surely for all to see or send to all members by email notification. Why are you closing? What will happen to the data and member details? Please give some more information. Thankyou

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op 4 2017 Nick Stokoe zei:

I’d also like to say thanks, and I’m sorry Streetbank will be closing.

Obviously a a kind of “commons” is going to be lost – nascent connections between people will be lost, information about possible shares and gifts too. Is there anything which can be salvaged from that?

For example, are general users going to be notified and prompted to save what contact information they can before the channels are closed? Is there any source code or data which could be open-sourced? Can some existing concern, such as Freegle, take on some of the network? What else could be done?

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op 28 2017 Janet H zei:

So sad and sorry that Streetbank will be closing, it was a brilliant idea that shows how helpful and kind people are. When I wanted to borrow some chairs, the response was just great, I was a little overwhelmed of how helpful and how ready some people were to help out. Last year I had the opportunity to spend a week in France helping out at a retreat after a request was put on the Notice Board. Although it was hard work, I really enjoyed it and Red and her husband were lovely as well as the rest of the team, Well done Sam and the Team for creating the chance to connect with people we don’t know and to discover that some strangers can be angels in disguise.