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Review our short Streetbank films

We are delighted to share with you now the winning and runner-up entries “The Skate Escape”, and “Ribbons”.

Over the last couple of months students across the UK have been making 30 second and one minute films about Streetbank for a brilliant initiative called the ADCAN Awards.

These are more than just commercials but two films that tell our story with humour and emotion. Our hope is the films will inspire people, in Norwich (where both teams happen to hail) and across the UK, to find out more about Streetbank and use our service to bring neighbours together.

The films use stop-motion and claymation techniques to tell brief yet touching stories about some of the benefits of Streetbank: sharing once-loved items with neighbours who gladly will give them a second life; bringing neighbours together through a real-life social network that exists right there on their street.

If you have about a minute, you can check out “Ribbons” here and “The Skate Escape” here . Let us know what you think of them below and please share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. We are grateful to Adcan for selecting Streetbank as one of the nominated charities and are thrilled and thankful that such talented filmmakers gave their time and skills to create these films that perfectly capture why sharing is better than buying!

Have a great week,

Sam and the Streetbank Team