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Why Streetbank?

We’ve called this website “Streetbank” and we’ve come in for a bit of flak. People say to us “the “street” bit we get but why “bank”…. banks are about money and no money changes hands”. But we say, banks are first and foremost about lending.

In fact when you leave your money in the bank, the bank lends it on. That is what banks are supposed to do, to lend. In fact, the credit crunch happened because the banks stopped lending. And they are still not doing much lending which means businesses suffer and we are poorer for it. But we don’t think we should be downhearted because we, the ordinary people of Britain, yep that’s you and me, we can lend to each other. We’re not suggesting we lend money (though don’t let us stop you if you have some) but we can lend what we do have – our things, our time, our skills. Our bank account won’t change much but we will be, in a very real way, richer. Are we stretching the bank idea too far? Let us know your thoughts!


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on November 13 2010 Steve & Krysia said:

We love the idea and ethos of this worthy site.-
It is better and nobler to give than receive.
It helps us overcome self-centeredness and is a real blessing for others.
In our developed and comfortable western society we have many things to be thankful for… in fact it reminds reminds of that old song … count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done!

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on October 17 2010 Lindsay said:

It’ s a great idea. I’m a member of the Greenacre Project in Finchley, North London, that is all about looking after our community, the environment, our health and wellbeing and that is exactly what this does too.


on September 8 2010 John said:

Absolutely not!! Banks are supposed to provide a pool of resources (money, time, work) for the people that need them most. I can’t wait to spread the word and build a stronger community!

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on September 4 2010 susan said:

excellent name and easy to remember when you see it for the first time which helps spread the word

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on August 24 2010 Pooja Vir said:

When I first read the concept it made sense immediately – through this I can “bank” on people on my “street”. No?

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on August 13 2010 Sam Nic, Tess, Alice & Rachel said:

Great – think we’ll stick with Streetbank. Phew.

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on August 11 2010 Parris Molineaux said:

I think its a brilliant name, which describes exactly what happens…

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on August 6 2010 JohnGH said:

Seed banks, food banks, blood banks and sperm banks aren’t about money.

Anybody complaining about banks being about money needs to get out and read a bit more :-)

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on August 3 2010 Sara Nathan said:

Streetbank is fine – no dodgy connotations and it’t quite catchy and memorable. I wouldn’t agonise if I were you

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on August 3 2010 Elisabeth said:

So right! Bank is just fine! it Is too many to mention, but I’ve been enriched by so many good people at Streetbank, at last I found the community spirit that was lacking in my neighbourhood! Thank you everyone!


on August 3 2010 Lores said:

Personally I think the term ‘bank’ is fine to use, and think that the majority of people understand that the word ‘bank’ doesn’t have to mean money, but can be used to represent skills and resources.

Think of other / similar organisations and projects that use the term ’bank’in a non monetary way:

- Estonia’s ‘Bank of Happiness’ (
- the National Talent Bank (
- and TimeBank (

to name just a few!