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The benefits of using Streetbank are not always expected. You might anticipate that you’ll save a few quid by picking up an unwanted microwave, or that you’ll feel good knowing that you prevented it going to landfill…. But there are sometimes other unexpected consequences. 


Maya from Camden is a great recent example of a happy Streetbanker.

She joined to get rid of a few things – but she found the experience unexpectedly enjoyable and ended up sharing anything she could. She has given away a large juicer, some curtains, a wardrobe, a mirror, a coffe table, bike tools, a DIY box, some clother...To name a few! Maya has also been given a number of things such as a cafetiere and various books.She didn’t expect feeling so good after helping her neighbours. Nor did she expect that a Streetbank neighbour would invite her for Christmas dinner, and another would offer to bake her cookies

We now have a small collection of Streetbank stories and every story is valuable as they help us show that Streetbank is working – which in turn we can use to spread the word through the media and inspire donors

That’s not all, stories encourage others to get sharing too. So we’re always on the lookout for more examples of the (big or small) impact Streetbank is having. If you have a story to share, leave a comment or drop me a line and even better, send me a photo of you and a neighbour!

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on November 23 2015 Maureen ERDWIN said:

As a mother of 2 sons with ill-health/disability and wife of husband with Parkinson’s and brittle diabetes and dementia, my experience of life is one of bitter hardship and few helpful neighbours.
But I recently had an opportunity on a number of occasions now to give flowers to one of my neighbours as a thank you to them for the loan of their ladders.
This couple to had experience of great ill-health and yet were prepared to share their ladders with
us and do us a good turn.
When we experience good turns from others, its hard to believe and knocks you for six and
want to do good for others.

for the loan of their ladders

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on August 15 2015 fatima fatom said:

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on March 4 2015 greg stanton said:

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on January 12 2015 Flippy Leo said:

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