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Not sure what to share? Get some Inspiration!

It’s easy to appreciate the logic of joining a platform like Streetbank where neighbours generously share things and skills with each other (and help build a stronger community in the process!). 

What can be more difficult is thinking what things and skills you could share. Sometimes it’s not until you see what all the super creative people out there are doing – like walking other people’s dogs, forming groups to make personal training sessions cheaper, giving away jam jars before Christmas and lending your neighbour that bicycle that you don’t need at the moment but might want back in the future.  It’s at that moment that you think ‘hey! I could walk someone’s dog too!’.

Similarly, it is easy to go blank about what you have lying around that you might be happy to lend. Sometimes it helps to have a walk around the house to remind yourself of all the stuff you own that others might benefit from. I walked around searching for something shareable and was reminded of the existence of my blender, a blender that could hopefully come in handy to those who like blending things.

Last but not least, it’s important to be mindful of how your offers could help your neighbours. It’s brilliant to hear that when Linda from Belsize Park asked for help because she'd run out of medication for her cat, she was contacted by a neighbour who lived three minutes away and happened to have half a canister of the medication going spare. In return, Linda offered to feed her neighbour’s cat went her neighbour went away.

Many shares will have similar unexpected but delightful outcomes, and we want to hear of some more.

Send me an email to tell me your sharing story.


Lucie and the Streetbank team