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Large baked potato pot luck

Streetbank meet-up anyone?

This year, we started to see Streetbank members taking to the streets and organising get-togethers in all different guises with neighbours.  Group cycles, seed planting, street parties and meet-ups in pubs and cafes. 

For 2015, Sam has set himself the goal of making his street the friendliest in the neighbourhood - to build the already healthy community spirit where he lives and make Queensmill Road famous for the strength of its community spirit.  

He and his neighbours have pulled together this list of ideas for things to do throughout the year:

1. Pot Luck Meal

The beauty of a pot luck meal is that everyone brings something to the table to share and you end up with a feast.  And normally a pretty diverse one, depending on what’s in the cupboard, who’s cooking, different cultures and tastes. 

A baked potato with pot-luck-toppings works well.

The host cooks the potatoes and everyone else brings a topping of choice.  Home-made or shop bought, there’s so much that you can put on a potato…..  curried beans anyone?!

Go back to basics with this mini guide to baking your potatoes and poshing them up with indulgent fillings.

2. Give and Take Event

Streetbank is all about give and take.  We’ve seen generosity in abundance online with people giving away valuable possessions like sofas, suits, electronic equipment and musical instruments over the past four years. 

More recently we’ve seen it happening on mass – with people coming in droves to Give and Take events that we’ve organised in Camden and York. 

The premise is simple; you bring stuff you don’t want or come to see if you can bag a bit of treasure later on after everything has been displayed at the venue. 

This could easily be translated on your street, just choose a day in the year  that everyone puts their unwanted furniture and items outside their home.  Have a chat whilst you check out each other’s offerings. 

3. Eurovision Song Contest Fancy Dress Party - 16th May 2015

This is a chance to – at least for a day - celebrate Europe, kitch and extravagance.  Could someone host a fancy dress party or could you watch the show together on a big screen somewhere locally?

4. The Big Lunch – Sunday 7th June

The Big Lunch is the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours, an idea from the Eden Project funded by The Big Lottery Fund.

It’s the perfect recipe for having fun with your neighbours, feeding community spirit and helping to build stronger neighbourhoods. Whether a picnic in a local park, a neighbourly get-together in someone’s home or garden or a full blown street party with tables, chairs, bunting and dancing in the street, it could be just the thing to bring your Streetbank neighbours together this summer.

Get inspired by reading previous Big Lunch stories

Get started by visiting the website to request a FREE pack or calling 0845 850 8181

Get an invitation out to your neighbours by posting a notice on Streetbank

5. Rugby World Cup Final - 31st October

Did you know that this is the third biggest sporting event after the Olympics and the football World Cup?

A great excuse for a neighbourly knees up then! Why not find a local pub or venue to watch it with your neighbours – you could even tie it in with a Halloween celebration and come in fancy dress..

If you want to organise an event, advice on how to publicise it or tell us about what you’ve already done contact Kate and make sure you send us your photos.