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Make money from your car when you're not driving!

Last week I signed up my Little Red Polo to a great new service called easyCar Club so that my neighbours can rent my car. On Saturday morning I had my first taker. Samantha needed it over the weekend and had asked whether she could bring her spaniel. She put down a rug and give it a quick hoover afterwards.

 It was fun to help and I’ve been paid the princely sum of £42.50 which is not bad going given it would have just sat there unused and unloved for the whole weekend!

So if you own a car– why not sign it up?

It’s free and you can make over £3,000 a year by renting out your car to trusted people when you’re not using it. You stay in complete control at all times. You decide when to rent it out. You set the price. And you decide whether to accept any requests to rent out your car.  Your car and your no claims bonus are insured for every rental. Not only that, you’ll get a year’s RAC roadside assistance and recovery worth over £100.

If you don’t own a car– why not sign up as a driver? It’s much cheaper than traditional car hire - great if you want to get away for the weekend but don’t want to break the bank. There are hundreds of cars to choose from, there are no hidden charges for credit cards and you’ll get to know a neighbour in the process.  

To sign up your car for free click here

To sign up as a driver for free click here

One final thing, to ensure that Streetbank gets credit for your sign-up, please enter the Promotion Code “streetbank” – this will have the added benefit of keeping us going and growing.

Thanks – we hope it proves useful to you!

Sam and the Streetbank Team


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في August 12 2014 Nick Coombs قال:

Was disappointed they wouldn’t accept our car as it’s over 10 years old :( never mind!

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في July 19 2014 Chris James قال:

I would check your insurance policy very carefully before ‘hiring’ your car like this. If the hirer has an accident, you might well find you are not covered. Sorry to be negative – it’s a great idea – but we live in a world of small print and exclusions; even Streetbank has its Terms & Conditions!

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في July 17 2014 Liz Jacobsen قال:

Tasmin, I entered ‘renting out your car’ in Google and got at least three websites in Australia (aka Oz) that do this. I have no idea whether any of them is reputable but you can have a look.

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في July 13 2014 James Robertson قال:

Phil, in reply to your query on the loan of the car.
I think its fair that someone makes a charge for loaning a car. There is a slight difference in loaning a ladder for example. It does not really wear.
On the other hand, a car does wear while it is in use, so that is a fundamental difference as the KIND OWNER who put it on here for other peoples advantage, can not be expected to loan it out, and then pay for any repairs due to her kindness. This is all under the banner of commons sense and what is loaned. That is my view and I am honest enough to say that I would not lend anyone my car. What that lady is doing goes beyond what one would expect, even from a relation, who would slip a few bob to her. I suppose there are other ways of looking at it, and that is just my honest view. She is top of the pile and I am sure you will agree now I have tried to clarify the difference between some items and others.

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في July 10 2014 Tamsin Young قال:

do you have a system for this in countries outside the UK yet? I’m in Oz


في June 27 2014 tracy coles قال:

I like this. I don’t drive as I don’t usually need a car but there are times when I’d like to go out to the middle of nowhere walking etc and a car would be really handy.I’d be happy to pay a private owner instead of a car hire company.

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في June 25 2014 Phil Cheatle قال:

I read about EasyCar last week and thought it looked interesting. I was surprised to see it on here though. I thought Streetbank was about sharing things for free. It makes sense that for expensive things like cars an external organisation sorts out insurance, repairs etc. But I’m now rather confused about streetbank. If I sign up for EasyCar can I also publicise it on Streetview like you have? What about other expensive items like caravans, holiday homes, mountain bikes…? Can I charge a fee for lending these? Can this only be done through an external organisation like EasyCar?

Where are the limits between for profit and for free on Streetbank?

Please can someone clarify??

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في June 4 2014 Scot Nisbet قال:

Love this!