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Large bemerton street pie party

Sharing’s as Easy as Pie in Tower Hamlets, Brighton and Islington!

The welcoming residents of The Robin Hood Garden’s Social Housing Estate came together in Poplar, Tower Hamlets on Saturday 17th May 2014 to enjoy a free Streetie-Pie party thanks to our friends at Higgidy. This was the first of five competition-winning parties taking place this summer, followed soon after by equally fantastic events in Brighton and Islington.  

Streetbank members Alexandra Effe, Ione Rojas, Karen Hallt and Alexandra Lilley all entered the ‘Streetie-Pie Party’ competition earlier this year by sharing their plans for a street party - that would bring their community together to create lasting bonds and encourage neighbourhood sharing. 

“We had a wonderful afternoon of neighbours coming together, sharing food and time", said Alexandra Effe. "To go with the delicious Higgidy pies and food provided by residents, we brought along a selection of colourful hoops for some first-time and some more advanced attempts at hula hooping! It was a great way to boost morale before the demolition of the estate.”

Streetbank is the biggest website of its kind in the UK - currently enabling over 38,000 people to share things and skills with neighbours. There are already hundreds of people sharing hundreds of things across Tower Hamlets, Brighton and Islington, and we hope that the pie parties will encourage more people to join Streetbank and add to the brilliant activity already happening on the site.

None of this would have been possible without Higgidy. Following the success of British Pie Week in March, Higgidy teamed up with Streetbank this summer to help even more people get to know their neighbours whilst enjoying their delicious hand-finished pies. Community, friendship and sharing are values that Higgidy and Streetbank share.

Higgidy founder and chief pie maker Camilla Stephens explains:

”For me, enjoying a delicious home cooked meal is the best way to get to know your neighbours. We’re delighted to be working with Streetbank to bring neighbours and local communities together over a heartwarming pie through the ‘Streetie-Pie Party’. All of our pies are made using ingredients you would use in your own kitchen and baked every day in our kitchens in Shoreham By Sea so they look, taste and feel deliciously homemade.” 

Our esteemed Streetbank Founder (and pie fan extraordinaire) Sam is chuffed that the first Streetie-Pie party has gone so well:

“I’m delighted to see Streetbank members and the residents of Robin Hood Gardens coming together for an afternoon of pies, entertainment and merriment thanks to our friends at Higgidy. Sharing food and things with neighbours is what community is all about.”