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The Big Party - How was it for you?!

Thanks so much to those of you who were able to join in with the Streetbank Launch Party last Thursday. Over 150 of you participated in an evening of Higgidy Pie eating, skill swapping, unicycling, giving and receiving, tie colouring and little cupcakes.

Items that were brought included baby tomato plants, childrens toys, lots of clothes, CDs, DVDs, books, and an actual unicycle. We would love to know, how was it for you?! Who did you meet, what did you learn and what did glean from Streetbank Live?”


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on September 13 2010 Olga said:

Presumably this event was announced and promoted – but if so, I missed it, even though it appears that it was held fairly near me and I would have liked to attend. I assume it’s because of the 1 mile restriction. So why not have a new tab for “EVENTS”, no matter where they are located…?


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on August 11 2010 Parris Molineaux said:

I missed out too, hava nother plse plse plse…lol

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on July 10 2010 Clare Kakembo said:

Please? Can U have another for late comers?
Even if not, well Done, streetbank authors and contributors. Its brilliant!!!!!!
Lol, Clare

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on June 3 2010 Mark Campbell said:

I’m loving my new squash racquet… thanks streetbank!


on April 25 2010 Ann Rosenberg said:

It was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. I came away with two great books, and my contribution of a wooden tea caddy also taken with much pleasure. I hope Streetbank will grow and grow. I will recommend it to my resident’s association.

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on April 22 2010 Sam Nic, Tess, Alice & Rachel said:

Thanks Tim – I remember our chat which will be three years ago this summer! Idea has morphed a bit since then but hopefully for the better! Anyway, thanks for joining and for being so generous with the table tennis table – hope whoever gets it is seriousl

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on April 21 2010 Tim and Jo Stilwell said:

Sam! Great piece in the H&F news. Very positive. I remember the chat over tea at Focus……vision is becoming reality!

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on April 21 2010 Natalie said:

It was a brilliant party!! Lots of sharing, chatting and yummy pies!