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Streetie-Pie Party Competition with Higgidy

Our friends at Higgidy think community and friendship are just as important as we do here at Streetbank.  So we’ve teamed up to help three lucky Streetbank members hold a special Pie Party to bring your neighbours together this summer. 

Higgidy will generously supply the ingredients to create your very own pie-themed party, complete - of course - with enough delicious hand-finished pies to feed a party of 50. 

Repeat: f-i-f-t-y

All you need to do is to come up with a fun way to bring people together and build the sense of community in your neighbourhood.

Remember,  if you’re not yet a Streetbank member, take a couple of minutes to sign up to see what’s on offer in your neighbourhood. 

To enter the Streetie-Pie Competition, simply tell us what your pie party would look like in less than 200 words:

We’d like to hear:

  • Who you’d invite
  • How you plan to spread the word
  • What activities you might organise
  • Where you might host your event

We’re looking for the best plans – plans that show how your party will bring lots of people together and build community spirit in your neighbourhood. 

How to enter

Provide the following information in a word document and make sure that you have read our Terms and Conditions.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Postcode (used for Streetbank account)
  • Your Streetie-Pie Party plan in 200 words (see above for guidance)
  • Confirmation that you are able to hold your event between 1 May and 30 June 2014.

Deadline: Share your pie party plan by email midnight on Monday 14 April.  Winners will be announced on Wednesday 23 April.

Best of luck!


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on March 31 2014 Caroline King said:

Is this only for UK?

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on March 28 2014 Sara Nathan said:

If only three people submit ideas, then it won’t be competitive. So please don’t ’cos I have already!
My street party on June 1st could do with 50 pies.
But we are a competitive lot and are having a world-cup themed cake bake off – the last time we did something similar, it was for the Jubilee and 26 Victoria sponges turned up!

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on March 22 2014 rick james said:

Jan Pavek: you are so right! The incongruity hit me right away too.

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on March 20 2014 André Gomes said:

I try to share with people who, in my oppinion, would accept the idea of sharing things. I visited some neighbours and all of them said “wow, awesome”, but only one has signed in. In Brazil, the English language is a barrier.

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on March 18 2014 Maya Williams said:

the ideal place for a street party in kentish town is on Busby place by Kentish Town comunity centre.. If its on a sunday the thru traffic can easily go via bartholomew rd or sandle rd. There is cantelow gardens where a range of activities, from facepainting to local community safety and sports activities can be held and toilets and baby change area in the community coentre plus the new studio upstairs. I would be willing to help out with the organising.

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on March 16 2014 Stephan Borau said:

Good point, Jan. Contrary to the mantra that we’re constantly fed — that competition is the most natural thing and must be harnessed for the betterment of all (mostly it’s for the betterment of the accumulation of wealth through capitalist pursuits) — it’s actually cooperation that is the basis of life perpetuating itself, including the human race and its civilizations. Enough philosophy.

How about instead of a competition — have a random lottery. Everyone who meets the minimum threshold — they have a reasonable plan within the dates — gets entered into the draw. The winner is picked by chance. Perhaps there should be 2 draws… coming up with 50 neighbours is pretty ambitious, so maybe it should be 25 guests, or even 15. Wouldn’t a mass of 15 people sitting in someone’s driveway on a residential street have an impact (I suppose if it was downtown in a big city it would be less impactful).

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on March 15 2014 Suzanne McEwen said:

Why not have a party for current Streetbank members and ask each one to bring a neighbour/s so we can spread the word. Surely there is somewhere locally this can be held at no cost.

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on March 13 2014 Jan Pavek said:

Why do you want to run a competition when simultaneously you’re trying to support a cooperative society? Why not just call it an Ideas Rally, Party Brainstorm or whatever. In a cooperative society you don’t have individual winners. There is absolutely no way to decide what idea or what party is the best. For this example the goal should be to gather as many ideas and parties going as many you can. If you reach this goal, we all be winners. The prize is the improvement of our community and a better living.