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Large i'm sharing a garden spade

I'm sharing my....

We're asking for your help again. The ask is hopefully a fun one: could you take two minutes to create an “I’m sharing my…” photo? You'll see my cheesy effort below. 

If so, we would be super grateful as we need lots of them for a one-minute fundraising video we're creating next week.

Here is what to do:

  • Take an A4 sheet of white paper and a thick black pen
  • Write in large capitals “I’m sharing my…”
  • Show us your biggest grin and take it quite close up
  • Send your photo to

Why are we fundraising? The Streetbank movement is growing fast – in fact you are part of a movement of over 34,000 neighbours, likely to be more than 100,000 by the end of the year. However, like any growing website we have costs – web maintenance, server, email costs amongst others. We urgently need funds to enable this growth. This money will keep Streetbank ad free and maintain its roots as an independent, not-for-profit grassroots movement.


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on September 13 2014 angie cash said:

yes its a bit higgledy piggledy nice idea crappy organising

14038 thumb alice in blunderland

on April 6 2014 EWA & NAGA TWOOFUS said:

But who are you, actually?