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The one-stop shop for neighbourhood sharing is here!

Streetbank and Freeconomy unite to become the one-stop shop for neighbourhood sharing

The UK's two largest neighbourhood sharing projects - with members in over 184 countries - are uniting to become the one-stop shop for neighbourhood sharing. At a time when awareness of ecological and financial crises is acute, and calls for tackling social exclusion and loneliness are prevalent, projects like Streetbank and Freeconomy highlight a positive trend of altruism and help foster generosity in our communities through the simple act of lending, sharing skills and re-homing preloved items. 

From now on, anyone visiting justfortheloveofit's website will be redirected to Streetbank, where they can sign up to become part of Streetbank's growing movement of neighbours sharing and giving away everything from baby clothes to furniture, harvest apples to baking skills, guitars to camping gear.

Sam from Streetbank tells his side of the story:

“In early November I received an unexpected email from Mark Boyle, Moneyless Man and founder of the pioneering alternative economy website Freeconomy. Mark invited us to meet to discuss how we could work together. Over several Skype chats and a vegan meal here at Streetbank HQ with the team, we got to know each other and it quickly became clear that Freeconomy and Streetbank have an extraordinarily similar ethos.

What’s more, it was clear the two projects would be so much stronger if they came together. Mark, having lived a life of generosity, showed us what that really meant by suggesting that he extend an invitation to the Freeconomy membership to join Streetbank and merge his project with ours – that is what is happening now.

We’re honoured to be working with Mark, delighted to collaborate, and excited by the prospect of how our combined membership will strengthen the neighbourhood sharing movement. We welcome the Freeconomy community to Streetbank with open arms.”

Mark (aka Moneyless Man) explains why he’s excited about the new merger:

"After pouring my soul into Freeconomy for six years, joining forces with another organisation isn’t something I do lightly. Making the decision to unite with Streetbank so that we can be of better service to the world was easy though -- an inspiring mission, common values, a great platform and, most importantly, a fantastic team of people determined to take the sharing economy to communities everywhere. The potential is huge and very exciting."

If you are new to Streetbank please have a click around – we hope you’ll find it easy to use. Don’t hesitate to make a request of, or offer something to, your neighbours. Our experience is that neighbours are amazingly generous!


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في October 22 2015 phil radford قال:

if only this was really a community…it’s worse than watching paint dry using this website…nothing ever happens here…
i used to love fortheloveofit ….sorely disappointed by what it has morphed into….

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في July 25 2014 Ana Ochoa de Eribe قال:

Just to say thank you

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في May 10 2014 Patricia Nobbs قال:

By reading these little blogs for the first time, I’ve been prompted to share something.

So thank you everyone for your input.

Kind regards


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في February 4 2014 BabaM Brabrawsky قال:

Brawbrawsky here again, I read some comments in an old article here in the 2010 archive of this website, they actually had only 1K radius back then and the same complaints! They also mention themselves ‘IT WILL BE EASY TO CHANGE’ and I agree its button flicking flicking work… Upgraded to 10 I guess even though then people said also they lived further away then 10 K’s from everything, who where simply ignored. I guess you can have a 10 K radius in some cases, but then have like a picture of the world where I can click all the little bubbles, or maybe make the bubbles bigger on the map where there are a lot of resources etc. BUT IF THIS WEBSITE HAS BEEN THE SAME SINCE 2010 AKA 4 YEARS NOW I DON’T THINK THEIR REASONING IS REALLY TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER DON’T YOU! ESPECIALLY SINCE PEOPLE WHERE COMPLAINING THE SAMEMAP IS WAY TO LIMITEDCOMPLAINT 4 YEARS AGO AND I CALL THIS OUT TO BE A FALSE FLAG INTENSIVE!

Who wants to start a better website with me? Its gonna a clone of the basis of streetbank way more functional in the sense that you can see the WHOLE EARTH (people that wanna only be seen locally can adjust it in their OWN profile, eg ‘people that live more then 50k’s can’t browse my profile’, GIVING YOU THE FREEDOM TO DECIDE FOR YOURSELF INSTEAD OF LETTING STREETBANK DRUNKARDS DECIDE THAT OBVIOUSLY DON’T CARE ABOUT PEOPLES WISHES ENOUGH TO FIX THAT DAMN RADIUS THING, ‘No but Satan doesn’t want us to bring people together, we don’t get ego credits then! Or money from government agency’s who’s logo’s we show at the bottom of this website’). And I don’t see any reason why to not do it open source like be welcome for instance. (And because this is their cry for attention you can BET on it that when threatened to lose a market share to a new website THEN they will upgrade the functionality to a new MINIMAL level (oeh ah 10k’s more but still not what we ask for) and claim it to be THEIR biggest idea ever, WITHOUT EVER MENTIONING IT WAS BECAUSE OF THIS CRITIQUE, (‘Ow we got punched in the intellectual groin repeatedly for purposefully holding back functionality, THAT is why we are changing this website.) So yeah I won’t use this site anymore no matter how good they try to make it, it might only evolve to what it was already suppose to be 4 years ago, you are like ahhh finally I can send larger attachments trough email, but then after 6 weeks your like yeah but these other 15 points are still missing….. Remember this is the followup of fortheloveofit which was already a better website

I really don’t see their reasoning for limiting it, it’s not stated anywhere on the website clearly enough to really understand their reasoning? There is also no statements anywhere of how they defend it, longer then 1 sentence anyway. If you don’t wish yourself the freedom of the world, why impose that on someone else? Would you not apologize instead? Or do you wish the same suffering that goes on in your mind upon others?

Something I typed a bit earlier but did not post yet:

Glad I made an Impact, pay attention to how some people try to defend street bank because they have invested part of their identity in being a follower of it (IT could also be a government, an army, a suicide cult etc). And will simply attack anyone who criticizes something that’s obviously flawed! Look at the guy from Texas, even if you advocate this webshite should only be used locally, would you not want every single person in the world to be able to use it? Or is it only for westerners that live in densely populated shity’s? (arent all the sensible people moving away from city’s)? Should you not take into account locally can also mean 100→15 ks? Don’t you want your website to be universally useable for every single earthling? Or is live in a stressful densely overpopulated area a requirement? And if you know this information, and are not adjusting the website based on user request and logical arguments presented to you, and you are not changing or giving comment about why you are personally unable to implement better functionality etc or do not want to? And you don’t openly state these things while continuing your current course, are you not purposefully doing the wrong thing? And if you purposefully do the wrong thing, what does that make you?

Lay off the homebrew mark, its dangerous ;). See how in his latest email he’s not even able to raise funds (why not just resources though) on HIS OWN webshite :)! Dude how clear do you wanna have it. If you launch a new product, would you not wanna update it to your own current needs? Especially its your needs are like extremely similar to all the user of your own website. Maybe you are just trying to sell books and get attention for unsolved problems?

And people that have a sense of self please don’t listen to these robotic followers who with all the information available about how flawed it is still chose to stand behind streetbank because it serves THEM in its current state. Thanks for caring Thomas, read some of the other comments please. They do so because they are threatened loosing part of their (false) identity. This is why not everybody can be freed and will (with threatening behavior) stand up for false profits. (for the profits because it benefits THEM understand? ) So don’t try to save everybody, because they will even with the truth in front of them still follow what they now know to be the wrong thing to do, agaisnt their own health and yours (not even mentioning the long term prosperity of our shared planet uhum!) and its illogical behavior. I’m not saying you don’t have the freedom to do illogical or counter productive things, or even destructive things but maybe lay off your demonic kicks for a while until we secure the permanent propagation of our life on the planet before you continue to make things worse and maybe partlyunsaveable (or distracting and limiting people by supplying halve functional tools that break down over time). Big words but every little thing you do contributes to the balance or unbalce of the bigger picture (and your own life obviously) its also your own journey to learn how to actively learn to contribute to one side or the other. Not that I advocate contributing to the ‘other’ side obviously but maybe learn about how both sides work and then reflect on yourself to see where you stand.

Damn I have to go to work, we don’t live in a moneyless society yet ;) (he’s a profit incentivist kill him! ( No ammo for you demon :). Maybe that only works if people who live very comfortably on the earth now give their overly abundant wealth and land away (back, although land ownership is part of the problem) and stop forcing us into the profit incentive, maybe they like their identity of being a ruler and having robotic followers? Maybe that’s why ‘royalty’ are always smiling in pictures because they live like gods. And apart from ceremonial things to keep you distracted from their true cause and purpose they have for you THEY DON’T DO SHIT. Sit on their asses and laugh at your backbreaking life… ‘Worship me worship me.. Take my picture, ill put it on the internet’, maybe Mark thought that was also a good idea and started for himself, maybe very well knowing what people are looking for and offering it in a diluted form to keep people dependent on him (still waiting for that source code btw).

We should say collectively as the human race that that type of minority complex projection is unacceptable for the continuation of our species and apart from dis-empowering these people personally, we should make sure that if we want to continue live on this planet we should have a moral basement on what minimal level respectful behavior we should have with each-other applicable for EVERY SINGLE EARTHLING. No exceptions. An old friend who was addicted to substances once said in his dependent follower state of asking others for permission and governance ‘They should raise the minimal age of smoking 1 year every year. Agreed, same with Alkohol! Breed out weakness and dependency, what ever happened to kids playing. They became ’kids playing in the street’.

Damn Mark you useless excuse for a human being. I’m not gonna let you to disadvantage 40.000 people just because you are not implementing some simple code. Damn, why does living in nature or starting to grow their own food or doing something ‘green’ always go hand in hand with getting drunk or wasted for these people. (maybe they didn’t read my piece, and yes you have the freedom for yourself, but if people see you (mostly because you post your picture) as a leader figure then you have EVEN MORE moral responsibility and are an example for searchers. If I would make a website like this I would openly have a page (about page) anti substance abuse alkohol etc and anti satanism, It does not matter if you believe in the devil or not, or even if those things actually really exist or if its more a synonym for having a conscience aka a devil and a angel on your shoulder and you in the middle getting impulses from both sides choosing which life to lead(or isillusioning yourself with the lie that you are somehow are less responsible for your actions when you follow someone his/her website or impulse else without questioning what shoulder they are listening to. For the right person with the proper training this should be possible figure out on every single impulse from anybody. It does mean you should not be over 25 or kill ‘yourself’ for fun. ‘hey my body makes endorfines when I cut myself, I feel great!’ yeah LOOPHOLE in your biology’. What voice do you think mark is listening to when he’s making homebrew?) And advertizing it on the internet, don’t you wanna have kids when you grow up? What legacy are you giving to the next generation? ‘Yeah the permaculture garden isn’t quite there yet, but here have a beer’. People staying city. Why do you bring your unhappiness with you? Where are the willing that want to live to life free of All these city rituals? Way to go btw for openly advertizing alcohol. Don’t you think kids also read your website? I’m actually a friendly person btw but I just can’t stand the injustice and false moral that is perpetuated! If you feel like shit why don’t you just kill yourself? Do you really believe the profits and their lies? That’s exactly what the elites are doing you know, maybe you have a wish to be ‘succesfull’ and have copied their behavior thinking it was the answer to your lack of self. The identity vacuum they have created for you made you into the person you are now and by coping them are perpetuating THEIR PLANS (human segregation) out of your own initiative! Sickening and unaware of what you are actually doing (internally lying to yourself you are doing the exact opposite while 10 people in the room point out the opposite obvious) Are you a robotic follower of satan?

You are lying to yourself that the world is becoming a better place. Money is power and currently mark is laughing like happy pig all the way to the streetbank. Don’t’ blindly support anything if you cannot discern what impulse it came from, and question your own reasoning until you get a clear picture of what shoulder you are actually listening to. If its impossible to find out maybe acknowledge you have a problem? And don’t get distracted by the people going down this pit of doom willingly, maybe they are not human anymore?

I’m not hidden btw, babalski at gmail dot dom, you can be my follower! Ill get you a Awesome-O 4000 suit ;).

Thanks everybody for reading and your support, please rate and comment!

Maybe mark is the one that should only do something LOCAL in his own time and stop segregating the rest of us from saving the world (by having open access to each other to begin with).

My name is Professor Doctor Babam Brawbrawsky!

P.s. I could have made another friend today, not able to find Cindy’s profile that’s the second Friend I miss out on trough your website! What kind of social network is this? Ok Gail looks like she’s channeling demons in her picuture, maybe that would not have worked out. 1 new friend opening available!

P.s.2. Is there anyone out there who could do a better version of streetbank with me? (or without me, it doesn’t have to be with me) I obviously have the reasoning to back it up and some skills to support, BABAM!

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في February 3 2014 Harald Sando قال:

I must say I agree with Mr. Brawbrawsky so far… The site seems limiting. A sliver of a map on top, but no one on it! What’s the point with a map then? And 10 mile radius? What’s that??? Make the radius the whole world! I’ve seen lot’s of maps where you can zoom in on them and they get more detailed as you zoom. No technical problem here. The site seems impersonal to me. Hope you improve it with:

- A bigger map.
- A (MUCH) larger radius.
- Better browsing possibilities of both profiles, skills and services.
- Facebook integration…?

It’s a long way to go here… Hope it improves! :)

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في January 30 2014 Kieran Alexis قال:

Hello everyone.
The ‘fabric of societies’ has been so obviously damaged by commercial interests,
and all we really need to do is to share and communicate with each other on a local level to heal the larger problem[s].
All ‘monetary value’ is imaginary [or hypothecation], when you get right down to it, and what it really does is measure our energy. Our energy is the true capital – we already have what we need. We just need to unlock the potential.

I like very much the lead Mark took with his life and although the freeconomy site was good, it was in a state of inertia. This seems to be an excellent was to rejuvenate that idea.

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في January 29 2014 cindy wingate قال:

BabaM Brabrawsky…… You don’t say who you are, and I may never ‘see’ you again, but I just want to say Hi FIVE!!!!!!! You stopped me in my tracks and made me THINK, that’s for sure. Thanks :)

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في January 29 2014 Penelope McFadin قال:

That was per km, not mile. Editing comments would be a nice feature too.

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في January 29 2014 Penelope McFadin قال:

10K limit only works when you live in a population dense area. For example, the population density of UK is 255.6 people per square mile. I live in Texas, our population density is only 37.9 people per square mile. Very few people in Texas have your service. No one lives within 10K of me. Please consider this.

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في January 29 2014 Jacques Williamson قال:

Very excited about this. I like the simplicity and I like the focus on the neighborhood. And I have a ton of ideas for how we can improve it… but I will first use it as is and see what happens. I have written programs for 25 years and the one lesson that always get re-learned is “Keep it simple!”. Also I have recently tried to give away some stuff on CraigsList.. if you have never done this do try it once… It is a brutal but very educational experience that gives appreciation for the distance limitation on the site. That said I think there might be a way to provide less limitation while still avoiding the spam machine and also keeping the complexity at a minimum. I just have not thought of it yet.

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في January 28 2014 Thomas Wild قال:

Glad to be a part of this wonderful idea and will do what I can to help it grow within my own community! I think something to keep in mind for all those folks out there getting upset that there is no one close enough to participate with; be proud and amazed that you are the beginning! If there aren’t any SB users within miles and miles then that means it’s up to you to plant this seed within your community and grow this project so that you and others can utilize it to its fullest potential :) Rather than become frustrated that you are as of yet unable to use this site, realize it’s in the beginning stages of growth and you are an important part of this beginning. Cheers from Texas!

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في January 27 2014 John McManus قال:

I read the Moneyless Man and Moneyless Manifesto and thought they were both great books. They inspired me to make some changes in my life and live a more moneyless existence. I found the justfortheloveofit site from the books. So now I have joined this site and wish it the best of success. Its a great idea to connect local people up so that skills and possessions can be shared. Its also a good way of meeting new like-minded people in your local area, so that is an added benefit. Sharing and helping each other out is a great basis for starting a friendship.

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في January 27 2014 BabaM Brabrawsky قال:

Hi Gail.

I see I activated one of your programs, be ready for termination!

I think her whole post is designed to distract people that the fact I stress (among about 10 others) is the coming of people together as EARTHLINGS and sharing our collective resources to undermine the profit intensive which is the status quo’s main tool for keeping us separated from each other and as family of HUMAN BEINGS. Maybe you are not human? Although Streetbank advocates and maybe supports this goal, in its current form it is less then 5% productive taking away from its actual potential as a website. Mainly trough keeping profiles and information extremely localized with at its back-end having having the option to index all the information on the website with a single click into a XML sheet, while not making the same ease of access available to the end user AKA you! HOLDING BACK FUNCTIONALITY OF THE WEBSITE.. HOW ABOUT LETTING THE USERS DECIDE HOW WE WANT TO USE YOUR WEBSHITE? Why should you police it?

Gail asks us to change the world on the basis she has trouble policing her own impulses, so we need to hold back, because Gail from the US is not able to stop feeding her mind with distractions on the internet? I think that if you can’t stop clicking a mouse then maybe you should check your robotic follower status and go vote on something because you NEED others to control you, and protect you from yourself.

Streetbank has no actual power (like the governments controlling Gail) we give it power by becoming a member which many of you are obviously not doing for good reasons (so become a member of mother earth). She advocates to stop thinking ‘Appreciate streetbank for what it is’. And I think it is dangerous to have such a robot mentality while the owner minister of public relations of the website obviously asked for feedback and on every single page every single element is clickable ‘help us improve’ button to complain about different parts of the webshite. I don’t think you actually read my article in response to this one?

Maybe you should read it again and reflect if you want to have more adult response to my piece? I think your arrogant one liner leaves a foul aftertaste and is merely posted here because you feel offended that I indirectly call you robot follower and I’m killing your guru :). I think your follower mentality is scary, although I do wish you a life free of governments and enslavement if not only for the purpose that people like you would grab a innocent children by the arm while they are escorting YOU to the gas-chamber!

Your whole point sort of boils down to: ‘Doctor Babam Brawbrawsky: Bad, Streetbank: Good!’ Simple person. Hey I see you are from the states, how are those FEMA camps over there?!


And I’m not religious but I pray to god that those enclosures get destroyed instantly, this is unacceptable! http://mikiversepolitics.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/fema-camps-confirmd-in-australia.html (go to your local library and research) not because I would enjoy your company as a person but more because I respect you as a fellow human being and I don’t feel that any living creature should go trough such extreme trauma’s, I don’t think i reflects good upon us as a a planet. I hope the saying is true, ‘who digs a hole for another, falls in it themselves’ because none except the instigators of repetitions of the know horrors of the past belong there, and it is truly a statement to their satanic demonic nature, not HUMAN nature, which is like making baby’s and stuff and growing food as it has always been. And the people that ‘need to protect us from ourselves’ are again and again proves as the most satanic KILLERS MURDERERS AND WAR CRIMINALS.

Speaking up for the people in Istanbul and all other parts of the world, they would love to have all those resources we have to much off in ‘western’ continents.

a: How about the people that live 10 k’s from anywhere?
b: I want to move to a new neighborhood that is streetbank friendly (many members and good reviews). How do I find one?>
c: I want to start a initiative that collects resources and distributes them for free from a physical place, that gets resources from more places then jhust streetbank is is for local reasons larger then 10 k’s how do I advertize my resources that can be picked up for free on the website?
d: If you want to make the world ‘a little bit better’ why don’t you make it your missions statement to not stop until the world has been completely healed. As making an incentive like this you are probably aware of the fact (and by stating you want to make the world BETTER) that there are also people trying to make the world WORSE. What steps have you taken to stop people with the intention of dilution streetbank into something technically useless from infiltrating and destroying your website fucntionality?

What will likely happen if is these comments grow in number and I do suggest people ‘like’ my initial piece written on 26 November to show fail is not the only robot follower with a personal opinion on this website, streetbank will retaliate by implementing maybe a 10% productive website, still missing (assuming they don’t ignore, vaguely mention, discredit, exaggerate, misinform about or try to discredit these articles) :

e: A way to browse profiles
f: A way to advertize your stuff
g: A way to advertize projects that require help (and specialized help like gail needs) and a way for people to individually sign in for such positions ‘volunteer’. without going trough much hassle, it should be as easy as possible.
h: A way to just meet people as friends first, then discuss what you wanna share
I: Share accommodation to undermine the profit intensive.
j: having upgraded the radius which can be searched BUT still seeing COUNTRY’S AS BOUNDARY’S BETWEEN BETWEEN PEOPLE, INSTEAD OF THE SKY IS THE LIMIT ;). Something will still be dysfunctional about it. Writing the code for radius search has been purposefully downloadplayed, because when it was made it would likely search the whole database of streetbank and had to be manually downgraded in order to only search 1/5/10 k’s

In Holland there has also been a differnt kind of webshite ‘free to pickup.nl’. What about people that live in small town that has a radius of 11 k’s

Professor Doctor Babam Brawbrawsky
Kind Regards,

P.S. Some dictators from the past where in their own words also trying to ‘make the world a better place’, Maybe not attack people personally when they are standing up for an IDEAL? Robot follower of streetbank. Show some respect for your superiors.

P.S. I’m open for people to contact me on babalski at g mail dot dom who are open to any of the suggestions made in both my pieces

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في January 26 2014 Gail O'Sullivan قال:

This is in response to Doctor Babam Brawbrawsky: you’ve missed the point.
The power of StreetBank is the simplicity of only being allowed to access your neighbors. That’s the point and I appreciate not being able to distract myself with things I might borrow if only I lived in Istanbul. Please appreciate SB for what it is and find other websites to do your global networking. PS Why be so nasty to people who are trying to help make the world a better place?
Gail in Olympia, WA

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في January 26 2014 BabaM Brabrawsky قال:

What a crap limited website, I can’t find anything outside my registered 10 K’s of my address. What about if I’m a traveler and looking for a piece of land in a rural area to start/continue a non smoke/non drugs/no alcohol organic village on, you know a place that is save for raising kids, an old farm that’s been neglected to start growing small/medium scale organic vegetables with my best friends, or who knows? A cabin in the woods to find inner quietness… And unwind for a while from consumer society.

How about share all our resources on the EARTH instead of only people living max 10ks away. Its a bit limited don’t you think? Even gumtree has a better search system which is ancient that has a country whide or 500ks radius search function.. I had a better idea for a website 4 years ago already where people could share everything, list your skills, resources and more, (everywhere in the world). And make your website function as a bridge between people instead of slow not available on the weekends ferryboat…

Its like when I bought a new laptop and found out the the factory settings where down graded to make it run on 33% of its actual capacity…! (acer aspire one don’t buy it, its the video card ‘hard coded’ which means it cannot be adjusted by system settings)!

Streetbank feels the same, its like only 1% of your brain when you could use 10…..

But I see you, you are sponsored by government agency’s, which means you are a placeholder website so others don’t start something better, which means actual progress is never going to happen here.. Its made to be frustrating.. And forever imperfect so people keep busy putting energy into it instead of their own lives/better websites (tower of babel) getting rid of websites all together and living as earthlings.

Because if there is a government involved (or any child/brother/sister agency) it means its NEVER going to be the goal to free people from the profit incentive. Which STREETBANK IMPLIES THAT YOU WANT TO SHARE THINGS SO PEOPLE DON’T HAVE TO BUY THEM! (right) Aka undermine ‘the profit incentive’ so rich people don’t get richer AND NO LONGER HAVE THE RESOURCES THEMSELVES TO UNDERMINE YOUR EARTHLY NEIGHBORS IN OTHER CONTINENTS Etc trough funding overseas hostile corporate takeover, drug company’s, corruption and wars ;) (where do they get the money from? Mister and Misses consumer?)..

The profit intensive is what keeps governments going, funding them trough taxes. Remember that only governments have enough accumulated resources to produce modern combat weapons and start wars. I know some people would FORTHELOVEOFIT love to start an argument about ‘good government/bad government’ NO. ‘A GOVERNMENT’ is bad, because they are the only ones that can start wars produce weapons, displace resources and start famines. There is no famine if land was a free resource like it was when we all started on this planet and agreed we are collectively the caretakers of mother earth not its OWNERS remember?

The profit insensitive goes directly against self sustainability. Because it implies people will always need to buy something externally and a third party can always claim protection money, in this case organized criminal institutions that have existed for so long people now accept them as actual rulers.. (protection → taction → taxion→ tax → ‘taxation’ get it?).

And because you offer EXACTLY what people are looking for in a 90% diluted downplayed, eternally unfinished and purposefully underclocked incomplete unimagined form I claim this is a FALSE FLAG WEBSITE FUNDED BY GOVERNMENT AGENCIES to make sure REAL intensives need to compete for attention with these false puppets.

And for believers and followers of this ‘cause’ (who’s cause?) I will be labeled as a lunatic, a crazy and my idea’s are even dangerous to think about, because you have commit a part of your identity to be a follower, and I’m attacking a false profit insentive who happens to be your false profit ;).

While if you really listen to what I say: Streetbank is purposefully not living up to its potential to make sure REAL EMPOWERING EVENTS are never mediated trough this website. (yes that is possible) It does offer a place to make ‘smale scale’ things happens/only in ‘your own neighborhood’, you know that place where there is a lot of concrete, car exhaust fumes dog crap etc :)… And it does so purposely to keep you focused on the little things (lawnmower etc) and in the illusion big things are not possible, or in its current your enemy. (Or that change is only possible in a city while city’s are obviously anti earth. Just go to a forest and count the amount of tree’s in a 10K radius not the mention all the other forms of life and billions of creatures living there (good luck). And now imagine all those lifeforms where murdered so you could have your little neighborhood, that actually happened btw or else your neighborhood would not be there, it would still be forest. Its something evil, and even though you don’t know how bad it really is and have not realized in the past or still don’t get it. Doesn’t mean doing anything INSIDE that city is going to change anything, it never has and it never will, the evil just changes form and maybe for a while avoids publicity, as you know city’s don’t create resources (except human cattle) and doing ANYTHING there still means those resources have to come from somewhere, and some other part of the earth (its people and all its life) gets fucked because of it. For the love of it.. And ow yeah don’t forget that 20% to 40% percent heartless demons cash in on ALL your transactions OR ELSE!

And just because you didn’t knwo until now, doesn’t mean you get a ‘naive get out of jail free card’. And I don’t think this website is going to change because bringing people together large scale and earth scale (not global scale that means something different) is not its purpose.

You aether are pro streetbank OR ELSE! Ok robot follower of Satan! I’m gonna start a new city somewhere and you are welcome :). I will supply you with water and a sewage system, and small piece of land where you can build a house on and you will also have elec-tri-city (Only one house though per block maximum, one family per unit max) . You will not be able to do anything I don’t permit (which is basically everything until I say otherwise, including breathing) But you have relative freedom in your own house and you can try to convince me to have more freedoms trough specialized systems (assuming I get my cut OR ELSE! I mean it is for your own protection (from me)). And assuming you have enough resources to pay me a monthly % of those resources you can continue this lifestyle, and a % because well you are living on MY land. You bought it, but I mean its still mine :). (I’m helping you have a good life so no complaining OR ELSE I’m gonna take everything that you have, and more, including the freedoms you had in your own home + I’m gonna blacklist you for all other city’s in the world which means you cannot live anywhere and be labeled as an enemy of the profit intensive! Which means you basically die because you are not allowed to buy or sell anything including a place to sleep and food, and I’m not gonna protect you because you are my enemy because you went against my will, which is more important then yours! The only thing left for you to do is to flee back to mother nature who you have systematically raped on a daily basis, Ill doubt she will forgive you but hey its an option, its better then nothing right?! But I’m gonna have to kill you now because only enemy’s of the profit system do such crazy things! you have it so good here, you must be crazy to want to leave here! Ill do the world a favor and stop giving you power. And everybody knows nature is a scary place, its uninspiring, its dangerous and you will likely die, at the very least it will be difficult and disappointing AND THAT IS NOT A ALL A CITY PROJECTION that is how it really is! Just ask your parents, or talk to your friends and random people in bars about wanting to start a yurt village in the middle of nature living in harmony with the earth, ask them if its possible? And do you feel afterwards, drained or STILL full of optimism and energy? ’I’m gonna sit on my knee’s and ask mother earth to forgive because I miss her, because I wanna go come back home’

Is aether that or volunteer for a work-camp where you are basically gonna produce weapons, food or luxury items until your termination assuming you don’t have monarch butterfly properties. You are not allowed to decide for yourself what is right, because you have been proven to be against the profit intensive! Which means you are insane! All land on the earth has already been claimed so there are no free places! So if you want to get land and start a 1000 year plan for revival of the earth it means you have to first participate in the profit intensive and by the time you have enough resources you WILL be so drained of energy and optimism that nothing is going to come from it OR you will bring CITY CULTURE AKA RAPE OF EARTH into new parts of nature basically starting a new city there and at the very least but a concrete box to sleep in shielding you from all the natural energy’s of the earth. Feeling empty over time, filling these things in with drugs (risk of mental instability, lack of inner development into a independent adult , intellectual sterility, out of context spiritual experiences), alcohol (emotional sterility and instability over time, just look at your parents and have they emotionally matured since starting to drink? And at what pace compared to non drinkers if at all?) and smoking (social sterility, eternally perpetuating insecurity’s by being a ‘social lubricant’ How about overcoming your fears and standing for up what you believe in, and maybe just explaining to someone why you feel insecure and help each other find permanent solutions to your problems? Not 5/10 minute temporary one while like literally killing yourself….What ever happened to trying to melt the ice and getting wet? If they are also smokers they probably have the same foul tasting internal social lubricants ;) as you have, just be honest about your shortcomings so you don’t keep doing crazy self-destructive rituals to appear normal, If city’s are a downward spiral, then its going to be degrading, painfull and filled with stress to try and appear normal in such a place, its basically impossible unless you are like a shape shifting alien or something, its not gonna work very well as an earthling. And because all communes so far bring these city rituals into their lands that is why city mentality’s and city problems are basically perpetuated eternally and people say ‘ow yeah communes never work’ yeah guess why Sherlock. Because they are still socially, emotionally and intellectually dependent on each other and the state, (and maybe that is acceptable in transition but not as like a permanent solucian) and they don’t know how to educate their kids in living in harmony with nature (or are unable to learn from their kids who naturally express their biology as an earthling and probably still have a better genetic memory then you have to know what that actually means due to lack of city exposure. Even after generations of abuse (Elites don’t want to destroy us completely because they are also dependent on us for resources, so ‘slave’ is the way to go, keep drinking commercial dairy farm milk, ‘no I’m a organic consumer now, everything is going to be better’, Ok robot follower of satan, Euh I mean profit insentist! :) Are you still paying taxes? Then you are still contributing to the problem ‘no we need a better leader that is the solution’ Euhm no we need to start with stopping the things that are proven to be insane by history and counter productive to human health in general, which over the last 8000 years has been proven to be patriarchy’s (among other things ;)), so switching puppets is not gonna work OR IT WOULD HAVE WORKED BY NOW GET IT? 8000 years is long enough, revolutions don’t work. Don’t give energy to governments by pro-testing (pro-testiculair = pro patriarchy = still anti MOTHER earth get it?). Or what is the worst that people start to do spirit worship, and say ‘no, my sexuality is not something I want to work on, spirit worship is now the way to go’ isn’t that what the elites do? I mean I don’t care if you actually believe those things exist or not, but its common knowledge that the elites believe they talk to spirits and get guidance from them and perform sick twisted rituals while chanting satanic phrases to give energy to the spirit/create channels to communicate and get pseudo power in return (because the spirit ‘works’ for them in exchange, which means if the spirit doesn’t wanna listen how are they going to enforce their will then? Sounds to me like they are also a puppet?) I’m not making this up, this information is like in your local library and probably even on the internet? Haven t you guys seen that movie called heavy metal? Maybe its a worthy cause to learn about before robotically unknowingly intimidating yet another (failing) layer of society.

Ow yeah in continuation the above block of text (or whatever you call that Oeh Ah he’s a alphabetical kill him! He’s a anti-alphamale-beta-kill! 10 robot points for whoever gets him!) I just want to say yurt communes so far or the places that I have visited personally always had drugs and alcohol and smoking present or did other very unbalanced and sometimes even unearthly things like worshiping spirits of the dead or sometimes subliminally fallen angels (dangerous and scary). It ended up for them in a big lack of long term emotional/mental/spiritual and thus in turn lack of physical stability which apart from their obvious personal unbalances and duality can be noted THE MOST by that they where not able to educate their kids how A balanced earthlings acts and can live and still needed help some from a outside source AKA GOVERNMENT OR GOVERNMENT FUNDED AGENCIES LIKE SCHOOLS WHO IN TURN TEACH THEIR KIDS HOW TO BE A CONSUMER (con-sumerian) NOT A SELF RELIABLE FREE INDEPENDENT EARTHLING that knows how to express her thoughts, feelings and emotions and has the mental tools to make her dreams and ambitions physically happen and is able to distill her/his own discipline of how to make your desires and wants a reality while staying realistic what is currently actually possible on the earth and what is of course morally justifiable and what is not. And then teach that by example to the next generation so false saviors and false caretakers + their wars are fased out… Sounds like a plan right? But no, there kids don’t see their parents as full adults where they can learn from, public school damages their trajectory, they learn nothing but basic math, basic leanguese, basic social conduct in the form of listening to old ugly people and servitude mentality + some other BASIC skills nothing fancy and nothing close (or even related) to unfolding their NATURAL POTENTIAL, sort of like this website… Maybe he went to public school? Their kids understand where they ‘grow up’ is not the place where they are actually going to become an adult and leave.. The commune dies down over time with no new people coming in the ages between 18 and 28, the people who collectively agree have THE MOST ENERGY to create something positive, hopefully still childlike innocence and all the solutions to what was wrong in their childhood/community and the world on the tip of their tongue and exemplified by what moral choices they make for you to learn from. I think that is why they are not allowed to really have any freedom in decision making, older generation are afraid that when they purposefully damaged them to stay in charge will be payed back with their cruisefiction (which I think personally is more invited by taking their power and destroying their childhood with school then actually getting out of their way letting them live how they see fit, you might even learn something from them and the REALLY GOOD ideas will probably even bleed over into your house like good things generally do in society, nothing to be afraid of really unless you where purposely trying to damage our collective freedom by giving away yours to a ruthless killing machine? Oops, you didn’t even enjoy it, lozer… ). New people in the ages of 18 to 28 don’t go there anymore and are not welcomed as new inhabitants , made to pay huge sums of money that they can never come up with at that age, and are generally met with the mentality ‘WE HAD TO SUFFER FROM THE PROFIT INCENTIVE, YOU HAVE TO HAVE SUFFER AT LEAST THE SAME AMOUNT OR MORE (BY OUR HAND IF NECESSARY) OR YOU ARE NOT WELCOME’. Way to go human beings, what a huge sacrifice you made for the next generation… If you die alone and none wants to change your diaper when you crap yourself, AT LEAST YOU KNOW WHY. Good luck. Generation gaps grow bigger, more drugs and alkohol is done, people go crazy or ‘feel’ unpleasant to be around, people move away, noone wants to do the minimal amount of upkeep for the remaining vampires, the commune ‘fails’ and THATS why they ‘never’ work. This whole decline starts btw when the first person walks onto the property holding a cigarette or carrying tabbaco and when the first person brings alcohol and is NOT asked to leave. People not sleeping, eating, working and fucking together anymore are a symptom not the cause of people growing apart even if it takes 10/30 years, it still failed and it didn’t have lasting impression for the rest of the earth, and you where not able to give anything of value to the next generations. You sit in a circle together and talk openly about why you FEEL insecure ect instead of suggestion ‘hey maybe we should have a separate houses, yeah yeah i like my privacy’, because you rather not work on yourself or are afraid to tell that guy with a guitar to go play in the woods somewhere so you can connect with your fellow human beings, if thats the only way he can ask for attention maybe he needs some help, not an applause? And stop people from making art and paintings euh PAIN-THINGS. Things made out of pain to force into giving time instead of just saying directly how you feel. You say ‘Wel but If i cannot kill myself fast or slow, distract myself from my emotions and feelings, indirectly ask for attention while still having all the freedom in the world to not work on myself progress as slowly as possibly possible as a human being, practically regressing, then how am I going to have fun? Fun equals killing yourself right?’ Well if talking about your self destructiveness and self destructive impulses openly with friends in a secluded setting while giving each other as much space and time as you feel that person needs to heal themselves and to learn how to fall in love again then I think you should have all the options and its just a matter of taking them. If that doesn’t work maybe found out what is distraction you? And why do you feel so self destructive? Maybe spend some time alone in nature? Because getting everyone to live a city lifestyle in a commune, hiding away from each other while violently yelling privacy is not going to give your kids the impression that you are a successful adult and a nice person to be around, let alone someone they can actually learn something from. You come across as being difficult and disappointing. Its apparent ( a parent) those people that have the impulse to move out of the big barn for ever where you where all happy and healing there is a person who does not want to deal with something internally. If that is allowed to happen on your commune, without addressing it or maybe living temporarily in smaller groups or let someone be alone if they really want to, but say no no no city way segregation is the way to go, my house, your house, lets only share physical items and not out life’s, lets pretend to only be neighbors and not family. And you allow that to happen, then your commune has failed… Even if it takes 10/30 or more years to manifest, your kids will not be/feel like family with your neighbors kids, you don’t interact with them, your neighbors don’t also parent your kids, there is inequality, everyone raises them differently, there is no shared moral basement, some people send them to school, the government takes advantage of your weakness and recruits new consumers (with your consent). Consumers fund tax, tax funds war, land grabs and all negative things related to land ownership! COMMUNITIES AROUND THE WORLD ARE DESTROYED BECAUSE OF YOUR LACK OF INTEGRITY, AND EVERYBODY SUFFERS BECAUSE YOU DID NOT DO THE RIGHT THING FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR CLOSE AND EXTENDED FAMILY!

People are happy in city’s they have jobs, everything is taken care of, they like their servitude, ow I offended you? Did I kill your guru? Are a robot follower of Satan :)? I’m pro-terra in a gentle loving way. But you do have to start maybe taking care of yourself and maybe getting your wits together about what that actually means and maybe more importantly What it does not mean…..

So yeah, so far my little rant, I think your webshite should be deleted or have at the very least the other 95% of its ALREADY KNOWN potential implemented instead of held back (check your smile right now in the mirror) and would be a lot better off going open source after balanced discussion about what the USERS actually want instead of your Oeh Ah satanic robotic idea and followers. Its devolved from what its predecessors where and is a less functional website in its whole, you know this, you are sponsored by cabinet office, a government agency, that logo says enough about who made this idea and who your connections are. As FREE as THEY want you to, which is a slave, so they don’t have to work and have physical pleasures at your and the earths expense.

I hope someone learned something from this, feel free to contact trough my profile, ow wait no-one can actually find me, look for me, browse me, check my profile, search for my services or stumble upon me BECAUSE THE WHOLE THING IS NOT ABOUT BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER, ITS ABOUT COMPARTMENTALIZING THEM YOU NSA DEVIL WORSHIPPING SELLOUT!

You should release the source code, I’m in your global neighborhood and I wanna borrow it :)!

Option 2: Going in nature and starting to live in harmony with the planet again and taking others with you worth saving from the city, leaving the city lifestyle behind and rediscovering what it is like to live free on the earth. Whos with me?

I don’t wanna leave my personal email address openly on the internet, that has always been proven a bad idea with spam bots and haters and stuff, is there a way we can get in contact with each other? assuming that guy is even interested in actually connecting people. That bar is a bit low just borrowing stuff and services don’t you think? Especially in such a small area, how about people that live 10k’s from everywhere? How about getting inspired by meeting new people to leave the profit incentive altogether it’s that what its all about? It’s that worth investing a 100% of your life in? (In transition so you don’t go crazy from detoxing from city energy’s).

http://www.streetbank.com/people/44564 that is my profile. I guess I don’t have enough faith in this website so here is my alt email babalski at gmail . dom please contact for option 2 :). Not enough faith because of the headshot of the guy, hes just a luke… How is your hip replacement?

OK yelling and calling people the devil worshipers I agree is not always the most productive, but if people that worship Satan use divide and conquer as their MAIN method and giving people follower mentality’s to false identity’s EG country’s and brand names and facebook likes instead of being an earthling the thing we ALL have in common (except those alien shape shifter of course) then maybe we should make that as our basis of coming together, we are earthlings, at least some of us are, some are maybe more like robot followers of Satan (still doesn’t matter if Satan actually exist or not, THEY (the elites, poeple that run governments and the big corporations) believe it enough to feel self rightness enough to claim the whole earth and enslave you, lets HOPE its not real and that they don’t actually get power from worshiping the devil or devils etc and lets HOPE its only because you are NOT standing up for for your rights as an earthling and they can only function in the vacuum of your non existent self empowerment and being your own internal mother and father instead of the state being your mother and father, usually only your likely abusive father…) back to the point: this website divides people more then any other website of its nature I have ever seen, its success is purely micro local and will bring nothing new, only continue working well in places where its already doing so (likely taking away productivity by making a ‘new’ webshite instead of keeping to use the old one, that’s why he has to send you a extra email because no one is making profiles ;). Which also means it can be easily replaced by a website that connects people on the basis of friendship, shares/shows their resources/stuff on the basis of needs and availability and get a rating system going so you can systematically avoid people that are difficult and disappointing human beings to deal with (or something better). (If you can still call them that, I call them robotic followers of Satan, And I have the right to!) I also think there should a moral basement for contact meaning I dunno, the minimal respectful level of interaction decided by woman who are rational individuals (feeling can also be rational obviously), but not so much the ones who have apple figures, I mean what minimal level of (self)respect do they physically exemplify?

My name is Professor Doctor Babam Brawbrawsky!

Kind Regards,

Please contact babalski at gmail . dom

P.s. There is more, but maybe more later. open to meet people who want to live free on the earth :). No crazies please or checkerboard people ;)

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في January 25 2014 Sonya Barrow قال:

This is is just a great idea, Can I urge all of you who belong to local groups e.g. sports groups, churches, etc to spread the word. ? What we need is for some graphically minded person to make an A5 flyer we could print out and give into the hands of friends. Any offers??

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في January 25 2014 G Hanson قال:

Wish there were more activity in my area, but as I spread the word, that may happen. I think your mission is vital, and I wish you the best in this symbiotic merger.

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في January 24 2014 Jane B قال:

‘freeconomy’ and ‘justfortheloveofit’ - such great project ‘identities’ for all/any of us to work within … the very names emphasising and reminding all comers of the values and ethos that informed our ‘trades’ :) And of course there was also the great ‘backstory’ that in fact was always there at the forefront, ongoing, building - that we made our own :) So yes I am really, really sad to see all this disappear into the e-ether :-( — said of course with due respect and apologies to Mark B, knowing that I ‘should’ more fully, loyally and immediately support the decision that Mark has obviously put a lot of thought and effort into. ‘Streetbank’ was actually something that I long ago abandoned, on account of it lacking the all important personality, originality and creativity that for me define and perpetuate on to greater things the best online communities. But back here I now am! And so yes it seems that ‘we’ are the ones to rehabilitate the word ‘bank’!! Can we at least give Streetbank the strapline/bi-line ‘home of the freeconomy’ — in Mark’s honour and the ‘history’ that all us ‘Just4 lovers’ bring - and therefore give it a bit more ‘life’ and meaning, as for me, sadly, the site’s new look and feel really is still rather too sterile and depersonalised, at least until/unless you scroll-scroll-scroll as far as the graphic banner at the bottom of the page :) My brief to the designers (and those who brief them!) - if I may :) — is “more of a village/theatre and less like the overly-lit supermarket aisles or hospital waiting-room!!” But yes, sincerely, good luck Streetbank - and equally genuinely thank you for the resources that you have no doubt bought to Mark’s ideas and aspirations :) I might wander by every so often but know that, for now at least, it’ll be more ‘me’, more productive, for me to more often just go and ‘gather round’ the Gumtree.

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في January 24 2014 Karen VanTassell قال:

Love using street bank, what a ideal place, instead of ending up in the landfill we as a unit totally recycle stuff. Love it.

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في January 22 2014 Andrew Vliet قال:

Woot – I’d completely forgotten about you guys, and judging by the dates on the activity in my local area, so had everyone else.

More publicity..! I’ll do what I can. Come to think of it, I have a laser jet and $25 buys 5000 sheets of paper at Costco…

I’m really tired of living in a cold, closed community. Time to make some new friends.

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في January 22 2014 Peter S قال:

The project can help to store value locally, it could literally be a street bank. To make it popular it has to go viral or get media coverage. I am not optimistic with the number of people actively involved in sharing stuff, but definitely some nice family-like communities will be formed.
I like the simplicity and user friendliness of this website.

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في January 22 2014 Wilf Parks قال:

Great to see so many new members joining StreetBank and contributing to their local communities. Belated Happy New Year wishes to one and all.

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في January 21 2014 Angela Valentine قال:

Now i know why Mark wasnt answering my questions about re-registering again to use the Forum….it was driving me crazy, not hearing!! I guess I have my answer now

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في January 21 2014 Maksim Rainbow قال:

is really so that there is no active members from Estonia?

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في January 21 2014 Christian Uhlig قال:

Its a bit mad that I need to write down all my things and skills here again and can’t just move them from justfortheloveofit.

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في January 21 2014 Frances de Jong قال:

I think this whole concept is marvellous and hopefully lots more people will become involved. After reading Mark’s book, I’m converted!

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في January 20 2014 rocus قال:

We are so glad to be part of this fantastic community also! Thanks a lot!