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The Streetbank Santa Five Step Plan

Organising a Streetbank Santa is simple: 

  1. Decide who you want to invite (neighbours, colleagues, friends, family), where you want to host it (home, work, local café, school playground, community centre) and when.
  2. Write invitations (by hand or email) to your guests inviting them to wrap up something of good quality that they no longer want, such as a DVD, toy or cookbook. We’ve put an invitation template here if you want to use it
  3. Get your invitations out. If you can knock on people’s doors and invite them in person, they're more likely come, you’ll make a friend and they might just offer to help organise. 
  4. Get together to open your pre-loved gifts. 
  5. Start sharing things around - if you’ve received something you already have (two Lady Gaga albums might be taking things a bit far) or something that’s not quite right for your age (few 30 year-olds will admit wanting to keep the teddy bear), swap things with each other. Slightly chaotic and a lot of fun is the name of the game.

Remember, this is all about generosity and neighbourliness so make sure everyone receives a gift by the end of play.

Big, small, inside, outside – it’s up to you what you do for your Streetbank Santa, the aim is simply to bring people together for a mince pie or two and a bit of festive cheer.


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on December 17 2013 Sam McIntyre said:

Great idea! I might have to host a post-xmas secret santa :)

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on November 15 2013 Sam Nic, Tess, Alice & Rachel said:

Brilliant idea – love it!